Sunday, 8 June 2014

6th of june

The 6th of June is the National Day of Sweden, and since it's a national holiday my mum had the day off. It actually wasn't a national holiday up until 2005, which I find rather interesting. I guess we aren't very patriotic! My family has never celebrated the day in any special way (though I do love my home country!), and while mum and I only briefly acknowledged the fact and then moved on, we did have a very lovely day. We went out for lunch and sat outside in the sun while enjoying the food and a cheeky glass of wine. I had a vegetarian lasagna which was super tasty! After that, we had a stroll around town where there was a bit of celebration going on. Since the weather was good, I took the opportunity to take my new ASOS dress out for a whirl, and I thought I'd show the outfit I wore.

 It's a cotton smock dress and it's oh so comfortable (and food baby friendly!) and summery. I paired it with my favourite hat (also a new purchase!) and this spring's favourite shoes - my black oxfords. I brought my trusty denim jacket as well, but turns out I didn't need it. Summer is here, eh?

If someone is actually reading this, then I hope you enjoyed it!

Love, Mimmi.