Tuesday, 3 June 2014

an afternoon walk

My home base right now is at my mum's place, in an apartment that she shares with her partner. But every now and then I go visit my dad. He lives together with his partner (and her children) in a lovely house outside a small town. It's the house that I spent half of my childhood in, so I'm naturally quite fond of the place. Last Thursday was a Swedish national holiday and Friday was a bridge day, so my dad was home from work for four days in a row, and I decided to go spend those days at his place.

Out of four days, two were miserable and rainy, but we did get two beautiful and sunny days. I went on daily walks with my dog (well, he's mostly my dad's, but I spent A LOT of time with him during his first couple of years, so he's sort of mine too); a five-year-old miniature schnauzer called Nisse, who is just the kindest and most harmless dog in the world. He loves running around without a leash, so when I can I take him to places where I can let him loose.

On the first of the two sunny days we went walking in a field close to the small river that runs through the town. I brought my camera, both to practice and for the sake of capturing life's small joys, and encountered a few photo-friendly places (as seen above), and also three very friendly horses who were loitering about in a pasture nearby. I used to do horse-riding when I was younger, and while I don't particularly miss riding around in circles on grumpy riding school horses, I do think that horses in general are incredibly beautiful and genial animals. I'm really hoping my horse-crazy sister soon gets one of her own, so that I can maybe make friends with it... We also saw the cutest fox puppy, but I didn't have time to take a photo before it ran away. I was too transfixed by its cuteness! And luckily, Nisse is well-behaved enough to stay when I tell him to do so.

All in all, it was a very pleasant afternoon which really confirmed my love for the countryside.

xx Mimmi