Thursday, 26 June 2014

berlin, day one

Yesterday evening I got back from my trip to Berlin. I had a really good time and was pleased with what Berlin had to offer. It's not beautiful like Paris, but it's really quite lovely anyway. Especially this season, when every street is lined with lush green trees. Anyway, I thought I'd write about each day in a post... and here's day one - Sunday.

Our flight was in the morning, and we arrived at the hotel after one in the afternoon. After checking in and leaving our bags, we headed out.

Our hotel was in Kurfürstendamm, in Western Berlin, but the first day we took the U-bahn to Prenzlauer Berg in the North-East. It was a really pretty neighbourhood with calm street, lots of cafés and cute little stores (which were all unfortunately closed, since it was Sunday).

We went to a place called Anna Blume, which I had read about in the guide book, for some late lunch / coffee break. I had crêpes rhubarb & apple compote, strawberry sorbet and vanilla ice cream, and a cappuccino with that. It was divine, but that might partly be my low blood levels speaking... 

After filling our bellies, we strolled around for a while in the neighbourhood. The weather was a bit unsure; sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy, a little bit windy, but not too cold. But one can't complain! 

When our feet began to hurt and our hunger returned, we went to a vegetarian restaurant called "Lucky Leek". I completely forgot to photograph the interior and the outside, but it was really agreeable. Neat but not too fancy, and with brilliant service. I highly recommend it! I had ravioli with green pea filling, a red pepper sauce and roasted cauliflower. After dinner we were all rather tired, which wasn't at all odd since we had woken up before half past five, so we went back to the hotel and slept. 

Love, Mimmi.