Sunday, 29 June 2014

berlin, day three

Wednesday was our last full day in Berlin. We started off by doing a little bit of shopping in Kurfürstendamm and I found some gems in the sale, which I will post about later!
Next, my sister wanted to go to a store in Prenzlauer Berg, so we headed there again. The weather was, as you can see, rather nice to begin with, but when we exited the store we were surprised by the rain and decided to have a take shelter in a café.

 We found a nice place nearby, where I opted for a plum crumble pie and a cup of tea. Delicious.

Next, we hopped on the U-bahn to Friedrichshain, which is in the South-East. First, we had a look at the East Side Gallery which is a section of the Berlin Wall with paintings from various artists. It's one of the largest open art galleries in the world, and is also an international memorial for freedom. I thought it was really cool, even though this type of art isn't normally my thing.

We then walked over this lovely bridge to Kreuzberg, which is a neihbourhood right next to Friedrichshain.

We stopped for beer and then walked around a bit before we located a nice Moroccan place where we had an early dinner (pie for lunch results in a rumbling stomach....). Falafel, houmus, tabbouleh and the likes. Really yummy!

We then strolled around in the area and back to Friedrichshain. I would've loved to spend more time in area, because it was a really lovely neighbourhood. Colourful houses, cute shops, and tons of nice cafés and restaurants - and numerous vegetarian alternatives.

And guess what? We had an early night in. Exciting, huh?

Love, Mimmi.