Sunday, 1 June 2014


So, the first ever blog post. Can it ever be anything but awkward?

My name is Mimmi. I’m a Swedish nineteen-year old with an old soul. I like mornings (hence the blog url), reading in bed, drinking large cups of tea, baking sourdough bread, taking long walks in the countryside, eating dark chocolate, and a whole lot more. I’m counting down the days until I start university in the UK this fall while simultaneously dreaming about living a rural life and owning lots of animals and a large garden. I think too much, worry a lot, and can be a bit of a sceptic, but I’m also a dreamer and a life-lover.

I could probably mention a few more things about myself, but let’s leave it at that.

But ah, I haven’t answered the most important question, have I? Why have I started this blog? Well. I’m in a bit of an uneventful time in my life right now. I got back from Paris (where I studied French for six months) in March and I don’t start uni until September. I’ve been looking for a job, but so far I’ve only got three weeks of work in July. So these past couple of months I haven’t really had much to do and quite frankly, I’m a bit bored and I’ve been toying with the idea of getting into blogging. I ran a blog when I was in Paris about what I got up to there, and while I could’ve continued on that blog, I just felt like starting a new one. A new blog for a new time and a new purpose. A blog about my unexciting life, because I’m bored, because I want to practice writing in English, because it might be fun to look back at later on, and - the final reason - because it’s a good reason to actually attempt to become a better photographer (I have a camera, but I lack knowledge). It’s as simple as that!

I doubt many people (aside from the odd friend or family member) will find this little corner of mine, considering the amount of blogs on the internet, but if you do, I hope you won’t find it too uninteresting. 

Until next time!