Thursday, 12 June 2014

lavender diy

The other week I was rummaging through the cupboards (you know, as you do...) and I found a rather large bag of dried lavender. When I was younger I had a lavender sachet in one of my drawers, but it has since mysteriously disappeared. So when I found the lavender bag I decided to make some sachets myself. I made use of an old tote bag which was the perfect material; sort of a course linen, I would say? And then I just brought out the old (I honestly think it's about 30 years old) sewing machine and improvised. I'm not at all good at sewing, but this was oh so simple. I started out by making four plain square pillows, but then realised that making pouches and tying them together with some ribbon was both much easier and much cuter. Sadly, I ran out of tote bag, but I guess eight pillows are probably enough anyway! As you can imagine, my wardrobe now smells quite nice. Lavender is really something special, in my opinion!

Love, Mimmi