Monday, 9 June 2014

norrköping + harry potter the exhibition

I'm a huge Harry Potter fan. I've read the books countless of times and watched the films just as many. So when I heard that Harry Potter The Exhibition was coming to a town not too far from where I live, I was overjoyed. The exhibition has been moving around the world for years and is stopping in Sweden between the 29th of May and the 7th of September. Apparently, Sweden is the first country in Europe to have the exhibition. How crazy is that? I feel really quite lucky! 

I persuaded my mum to come with me, and this Saturday we went. The exhibition is in the lovely town Norrköping, which we also had a little bit of time to explore. When we first got there,after almost 3 hours of train, we walked through the city centre and found a place where we had pizza for lunch. After having filled our tummies, we only had to walk just around the corner from the restaurant to find the Exhibition. Sadly, taking pictures inside was prohibited, so I can't show anything exciting. In a way it was kind of a relief though, because I could truly just relax and enjoy the experience. And wow, it was simply magical. You got to see costumes and props from the films and you could also listen to small snippets in which people who had worked with the films talked about this or that object. I was in a bubble of happiness all the time and I really didn't want to leave! Now I'm even more eager to visit the Studio Tour in London. It seems even more magical!

There was a shop that was at the end of the exhibition, and of course I couldn't help buying something. As seen above, I opted for a Ravenclaw scarf (because yup, that's my house), a packet of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans and a chocolate frog. I haven't tried the beans yet (but I'm very intrigued!), but the frog was quite tasty. I got the card with Mr. Ollivander, and then my mum gave me hers with McGonagall. Only ten to go!

After the visit, we had some time before we had to get our train, so we stopped at a café for some crumble pie, coffee (for mum) and tea (for me). On the way back to the train station we stumbled upon the Ford Anglia in the middle of a shopping mall. How cool?

All in all, it was a truly amazing day!

Love, Mimmi