Friday, 18 July 2014

a stroll in the rose garden

Last Saturday mum and I had some mum & daughter time, since we hadn't seen each other much since Berlin. The weather was lovely - sunny and just warm enough - so we decided to make the most of the day. After a quick stroll around the town centre, we headed for an "old" part of town. Old in quotation marks because although the buildings are authentically old, it was actually constructed in the eighties. They simply took houses from other places in Sweden and put them together here to make an old quarter. Cool, hm?

First we had some fika, and as usual we went for the same thing - coffee (filter coffee with milk, ad you do in Sweden), cinnamon rolls and biscuits. The cinnamon rolls were far from the best I've had, but the company and the surroundings made up for it.
Then we headed to the park that is located just next to the old town. Although we did walk through the main area as well, our main goal was the rose garden. Prepare yourself for some rose photos!
Aren't they beautiful? Roses are definitely one of my favourite flowers, like for so many others. I think there's really something special about them. Naturally I took a ton of photos, so I really had a hard time not posting too many on here. I hope you weren't overwhelmed!

And that was everything remotely interesting that happened that day! It was a very simple outing, but sometimes the simplest things are the most agreeable. I had such a lovely time.

Love, Mimmi.