Tuesday, 1 July 2014

berlin, day four

Wednesday was our last day in Berlin. Our flight wasn't until late in the afternoon, so we had some time to spend before heading for the airport. But first I want to talk a little bit about the breakfast buffet, which was just as lovely as the rest of the hotel. I'm a big fan of hotel breakfasts, since I have a big appetite in the mornings and love having a lot to choose from. I just love running around and filling my plate with delicious things!
One part of the buffet (there was also an even larger counter, but it wasn't as pretty), and my breakfast the final day. Or, well, the first part of my breakfast. I then ate a lot more fruit and a piece of cake.....

 After breakfast, we headed to a place called Martin-Gropius-Bau for the David Bowie Exhibition. We had bought tickets beforehand and I think we were all pretty excited. The exhibition was amazing. It's incredible how much imagination that man has! I'm definitely a fan of both his music and him as a person, as he seems to be very intelligent and sensible.

When we had finished the exhibition we headed back to the neighbourhood where our hotel was, and spent the last hour at the Berliner Kafeerösterei. I had some really delicious Ethiopian coffee and a disappointingly dry and boring chocolate cake. The cake was so boring that I won't even bother posting a photo! Otherwise I really liked the place though, and mum's apfelstrudel was delicious (I should've had that one!).

After that we got our bags at the hotel and went to the airport. All three of us were very pleased with the trip, and with Berlin. It's definitely a city that I'd love to return to someday. 

Love, Mimmi.