Wednesday, 9 July 2014

inspiration : country life

source : my pinterest

I grew up on the countryside in a house with a garden and didn't move into a relatively big town until I was fifteen, when mum and I moved into an apartment after my parents' divorce. While I do also like cities (city breaks are my favourite!) I'm actually much more of a country girl. I'll be moving to another city (bigger, this time!) this September to start university, so I won't be moving to the countryside anytime soon, but I'm absolutely certain that I want to live outside of the city when I settle down. I much prefer the quiet and the calm and I just love having nature close to me. So as soon as possible, I want my own house. Preferably an older house,with a garden full of fruit trees, berry bushes, roses, lilacs, and so on. I'd also like my own little vegetable garden and some hens, partly because I simply think it would be agreeable, partly because I love the thought of being as self-sufficient as possible. And maybe, maybe I'll have some sheep, just because they are such cute and pleasant animals. I adore them! This dream is one that has grown over the years. When I was little I took it all for granted, seeing as it was the only thing I had known, but more and more I've come to realise just how much I love that life.

This post is quite the contrast to my last one, isn't it? I was really overwhelmed by the amount of comments on that one. Of course, in the big world of blogging it's nothing, but to me it was a lot. It makes me so happy to receive comments and to know that someone actually sees what I write! Back when I began reading blogs I was rubbish at commenting, but for a while now I've been really making an effort, and I have to say I enjoy leaving comments just as much as receiving them - perhaps even more!

To finish off, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter - do you prefer the countryside or the city, and why?

Love, Mimmi.