Friday, 22 August 2014

wishlist : bits & bobs

pouch / mug / leaf ring / notepad / bumble bee pins / pocket journals / iphone case / pouch / print

I'm a huge lover of cute things, like accessories, notebooks and things for home. Even though I do like clothes, I much prefer pottering about shops selling cute and trinket-y things. I somehow find it much more inspiring and relaxing than shopping for clothes. When putting together the fashion wishlist that I posted a few days ago I got the idea of making one for other bits & bobs too, so I went on my Pinterest (where I keep all my wishlists secret, for some reason...) and picked out a few pieces. I think the item I'm most keen on is the first pouch. It has been featured on a few beauty blogs and I just love it! It would definitely put a smile on my face each day. Second on my list is perhaps the print, which would be lovely to have in my student room this autumn. Cups, notebooks and small jewellery are things I always find myself wanting, so this list is full of typically me-things. On the whole, I seem to be very into black, gold and natural elements right now.

What little things are on your wishlists right now? Do you prefer shopping for clothes, or for other things?

I hope you're having a great day! Happy Friday! :)

Love, Mimmi.