Friday, 15 August 2014

wishlist : pre-autumn clothes & shoes

skater dress / grey sweater / navy dress / pleated skirt / knitted jumper / chelsea boots

I know it was only a month ago I posted a wish list for summer clothes & shoes, but I've already started thinking of autumn. There are many reasons why I'm looking forward to autumn (breathing crisp air, snuggling up in the sofa with a cup of warm tea, the leaves turning red, starting university.......), and the autumn fashion is one of them. I much prefer it to spring and summer fashion, and I'm so ready to start wearing sweaters, tights and boots again. Autumn clothes have barely begun to hit the shops, but I've picked out a few items already which would be good for the milder weather of September. I'm thinking skirts and dresses paired with sweaters and cardigans to keep warm, and a pair of trusty chelsea boots to wander through heaps of leaves and on rainy streets.

Tell me, what's your favourite fashion season? 

I hope you've all had a lovely week and that you'll have an equally lovely weekend!

Love, Mimmi.