Monday, 8 September 2014

a love letter to autumn

image source: pinterest

I’m a big fan of autumn. If I'm completely honest, I like it more than summer. I do like summer, but I never feel comfortable when it’s too warm - and to me, too warm isn’t that warm at all. Antyhing over 25 degrees celsius and I’ll be complaining, all grumpy and bothered. (With one exception - if I can go swimming in the lake). Don't get me wrong - I do like summer. I love the light, being able to sit outside all day and even in the evenings, all the fresh fruit and berries, BBQs, etcetera. I just don’t enjoy being hot, sweaty and lazy. So after a warm and almost tropical summer like this one, I’m more than happy to welcome autumn. I like all seasons. Actually, what I really like is that we have so many different seasons (where I’ve always lived, anyway). I love seeing the scenery change, getting new habits, and enjoying different things each season. It never gets boring, does it? I can never decide which season is my favourite. I’m always excited for the new one when it’s just coming, and tired of the old one when it’s just ending. So right now I’m so ready for autumn! So ready that I thought I’d even make a little post about what I enjoy about this wonderful season.

- The air. I love taking big breaths of fresh, crisp autumn air. It feels so cleansing and energizing, somehow.

- Long autumn walks. This is definitely related to the first point. I don’t like getting sweaty, so long walks during a hot summer isn’t a favourite of mine, but I love an autumn walk when the air is crisp.

- The leaves changing colours. I think it’s so beautiful with all the yellow, orange and red leaves! It always puts a smile on my face.

- Drinking lots of tea. I drink tea in the summer too, but in a much less quantity. Autumn (and autumn walks!) is such a good excuse for drinking big cups of tea, and other hot drinks too, of course.

- Apples and apple compote. For a few years up until last autumn, I made apple compote from the apples from a tree in my dad’s garden. Sadly, I won’t be able to make it this year (they’re perfectly ripe by the end of September / beginning of October), but hopefully I'll still be able to enjoy apples and apple compote. Preferably with oatmeal and cinnamon.

image source: pinterest

- Fresh starts. I’ve noticed that it seems like quite a lot of people also feel like September is more of a fresh start than the New Year. I suppose it has got to do with starting school and all that, but I definitely look forward to start afresh every September. This year, it’ll be university! It's a big change for me, and it's both incredibly exciting and nerve-wrecking.

- Sweater weather! I much prefer AW fashion to SS. I love wearing sweaters, jeans, tights.... I love layering! I honestly think AW fashion is usually much prettier than SS. Coats, boots, scarves, mittens, sweaters.... I'm excited for all of it! Really though, is there anything better than cosying up in a comfy sweater and a pair of warm socks? No, there isn’t.

- Baked things with autumn-y spices, hot drinks with autumn-y spices, everything with spices! I'm thinking apple, cinnamon, pumpkin, cardamom.... Need I say more?

- Lighting candles and putting up fairy lights when it gets darker. Sadly, these things are both prohibited in my uni accommodation, but I thought I'd still mention them as they're things I do love about autumn. I'm really jealous of you who won't be forced to give up those small joys!

Oh dear, this turned into a really rambly post, didn't it?  Tell me - what's your favourite season? Are you looking forward to autumn or not?

Love, Mimmi