Tuesday, 2 September 2014

castles, cakes & a life update

Last Friday my sister and I went with our grandparents on a little day trip. They wanted to do something fun with us and treat us a bit, and we gladly agreed. Both of us love spending time with our grandparents (my mum's parents), as they are just the sweetest people in this world.

 We started off by driving to Taxinge Castle. For being a castle it's rather small and plain, but the location by the lake is lovely, and on top of that there's an amazing café on the ground floor of the castle. The café is pretty famous for its delicious cakes, and rightfully so. I had a chocolate, blueberry and praline cake and a little pastry with hazelnut and marzipan, and both were incredibly tasty. Did I eat all of it? Yup. I did.

Next, we drove to another castle nearby, since we were passing by. This one is the Gripsholm Castle, near the town of Mariefred. It's a bit more castle-like and impressive, in my opinion, and we decided to go inside to look at all the rooms as well. You weren't allowed to take any pictures inside, but here's the castle and the courtyard:

Afterwards we were all craving some real food and went to a restaurant nearby. All of us had prawn salads, which were quite amazing. Can you tell I like prawn salads? It's my favourite thing to eat out in summertime. While we were eating the rain started pouring down, so after waiting for it to calm down a bit we headed for the car and drove back. All in all it was a lovely little excursion!

I thought I'd add in a little life update, as I feel like I've neglected this little place over the last month. Since my sister was home during basically whole month of august I didn't have as much time to myself to just look about on the internet. We were simply quite occupied during the month that she was home - but we had an amazing time. She went back to Japan yesterday, which was as tough as always. My sister, mother and I all cried when saying goodbye, and I miss her terribly already. It's always a bit empty afterwards, before I get used to having her so far away.

Now I'm back at my mum's place and I'm starting to get ready for my big move. I'll be moving to Scotland on the 11th, and on the 15th I'll start University. So the coming week will be mostly dedicated to packing, organising and preparing practical things. Perhaps not so exciting in itself, but I'm so ready to move and start studying!

Okay, that's that. I hope you at least somewhat enjoyed reading this here-and-there blog post!

Lots of love, Mimmi.