Saturday, 20 September 2014

one week gone by

Yup, the title says it all. I've now been in Glasgow for one whole week! Actually, one week and a day even. Today was the first really rainy day since I got here, but towards the afternoon the sky cleared up and the sun showed itself, and I took the chance to snap the photo above while I was in the city centre to fix some bank stuff. This week has been Freshers' Week, so I've been quite occupied. I thought I'd just quickly run through what I've been up to during these busy days....

I've been out four nights, which to me is a huge accomplishment as I'm the least party-loving person in the world. I signed up to about fifty different clubs during the Fresher's Fair, and am now incredulous as to which ones I want to join. I've had so much free chocolate and cake, a few cups of free tea, and even three slices of free pizza. I've been handed about a million flyers, which was fun at first but then became very annoying.

I've been to a couple of introduction lessons and had a very nice wee chat with my adviser of studies, who thankfully turned out to be such a nice and easy-going person. I've bought almost all of my course literature, which includes two humongous books of around 2,000 and 3,000 pages respectively. On my mission to open a bank account and get a working debit card I've visited the bank about four times (sigh).

Most of the time I've felt really happy and content to be where I am, even though there have been sudden and short bursts of homesickness and worry. I've come to really like Glasgow and I feel more and more at home here. And now I'm just so excited (and a bit scared) to start going to classes and get studying (I'll regret saying that). Is it lame to look forward to having an everyday routine? Either way, I do. Come here, Monday!

Goodness, what a rambl-y and unstructured post. I apologise! And I hope you've all had a lovely week!

Love, Mimmi