Friday, 5 September 2014

the chelsea boots

I've been wanting a pair of black chelsea boots for over a year, but for several reasons I didn't buy any last autumn. This year however, I decided to invest in a pair of good quality. I found these lovelies from Vagabond a few weeks ago, and the other day they were finally mine. I know they're really simple, but that's how I like it. I love how timeless they are and I feel they'll go with basically everything! I toyed with the idea of buying a pair with a little bit of a heel, but decided against it as I know I'd end up not wearing them as much. When it comes to shoes, I just want them to be as comfortable as possible and I close to never wear heels (I only own a couple of pairs with heels, but still). These ones fit the bill perfectly and I'm so happy about my purchase. I can't wait for autumn to arrive properly so that I can wear these while walking on rainy pavements and through fallen leaves. 

Tell me, what kind of boots do you want to walk around in this autumn?

Happy Friday, everyone!

Love, Mimmi.