Monday, 6 October 2014

A Day in Edinburgh

When mum and I went to Scotland we flew to Edinburgh, as there are no direct flights from Stockholm to Glasgow. We've been in Edinburgh together before and both love the city, so we decided to have one day there to just explore and have a good time. I was dead tired for most of the day, as I hadn't been able to sleep well the night before (nerves.....), but it was a lovely day anyway.

After we had checked in at the guest house and left our bags, we walked towards the centre and ended up in Old Town.

We started off by having lunch at The Elephant House, which is famous for being the café where J. K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter. I remember being extremely hungry by then, and went for potato salad and smoked salmon, which was delicious.

Having filled our tummies, we continued strolling around in the city. Both mum and I love exploring cities by foot, and that was basically what we did all day. We went from Old Town and the Grassmarket... New Town and Rose Street. We popped into a few stores along Princes Street too, and had some cake and coffee at Patisserie Valerie on Rose Street, which I forgot to photograph (too excited about the cake, I suppose!).

We continued walking and went through Princes Street Gardens, which were really beautiful. Last time I was in Edinburgh was in the middle of winter, so I wasn't really able to fully appreciate how lovely this place is. On top of that it was a warm, almost summer-y day - perfect for strolls in the park.

During the rest of the day I neglected taking photos, but we didn't do much else than walking around anyway. We finished the day with veggie burgers at the Frankenstein pub, which I would definitely recommend!

Writing this post makes me really want to go to Edinburgh again soon. It's barely an hour away with train, so there's no excuse to not go!

Thanks for reading!
Love, Mimmi