Friday, 10 October 2014

A wee Paperchase haul

I've found that being a student is the perfect excuse for buying stationery, which is perfect as there's an amazing Paperchase store on Buchanan Street in Glasgow. I discovered it the very first day I visited the city centre and instantly dragged my mum with me to check it out. Since then I've been there a few more times, and I thought I'd share what I've got from there so far. I bought these things on two different occasions, with a couple of weeks inbetween, so it's not really a 'haul', but oh well.

Going clockwise on the first photo, the two folders with polka dots I got to put various papers in. Then I got two notebooks for taking notes in lectures. I got the all-brown one the first time, and even though it looks rather boring I really like it, for two reasons: one, it's made of recycled paper, and two, it has four "parts" so that I can have one for each subject, plus one extra. The second one with the trees I got the second time, and I'm really glad I did cause I think it's really cute, plus it's nice to have one waiting for when I finish the first one. I also decided to get a notebook to use for the Creative Writing meetings and other writing purposes, and found this really cute one with animals on it. Finally, I got a pack with four blocks of sticky notes, all in different colours and with different motives. Yeah, I do like things with animals on them....

Is someone else a big fan of stationery? What's your favourite place to shop for it?

xx Mimmi