Thursday, 23 October 2014

In photos: the Botanic Gardens, part two

As promised, here is part two of my little visit to the Botanic Gardens. This post is from the beautiful outdoor gardens, which were my favourite part of the place (even though the greenhouses are amazing as well). I walked around for about an hour, admiring the stunning gardens in all their autumnal glory, and then spent more than an hour sitting on a park bench in the sun, reading my book. A perfect Sunday afternoon, I'd say. (Also, how cute is that couple in the picture above? I couldn't help sneakily capturing them on camera...)

This cute little squirrel was incredibly social and brave - at least when offered walnuts. A really nice couple gave me some of their walnuts so that I could feed the little thing too. It was such a sweet moment!

I hope you enjoyed this second dump of pictures! :) Tell me - is there a park or a garden near where you live, which you like?

xx Mimmi