Sunday, 30 November 2014

A Christmas Market

Back home, it's sort of a tradition to go to a Christmas market every year around this time. Since I'm not going home until the 22nd, my mum has had to go without me this year, and I didn't think I'd get the chance to go to one. So yesterday, when a friend suggested that we go to a Christmassy crafts market in the church she goes to, I was happy to go. The five of us who went spent about an hour wandering around looking at the cute stalls. We had a really nice chestnut soup for lunch, and a few of us bought some baked goods (I was tempted, but decided against it). We also got to enjoy some Christmas songs sung by a very talented choir. 

Although it wasn't precisely like the markets I usually go to at home, it was a really nice market with a lovely Christmassy atmosphere. It definitely satisfied my Christmas market needs! Hopefully I'll have time to explore the Christmas market in the city centre of Glasgow soon, although I suspect that one will be much more commercialised. 

Have you been to any Christmas markets yet, or are you planning to?

Also, happy first of advent!

Love, Mimmi.