Thursday, 13 November 2014

The Room Tour

I have now lived in my student room for two months (exactly two months as of tomorrow!), which is just insane. To commemorate this, I thought I'd give you a wee tour of my humble abode. Let's begin.

Walking in to the room, the tiny bathroom (which I won't show you, as it's not very interesting) is directly to the right. Further in to the right is my bed, and to the left is the wardrobe and the desk area. 

I absolutely despise the red details on the drawers, and I'm not too fond of the wood type either, but what can you do? I've attempted to hide the ugly black chair with a snuggly white throw (from Primark), however I'm not sure if it makes it better or worse....

This is where I sit and study, read blogs, write blog posts, and waste time on the internet. The tea mug was actually left there by accident, so it's not a prop, promise! But most of the time there will be a mug there...

To the left on the desk is my fruit plate, a bottle of Swedish mulled wine, my wee reindeer take-away mug from Costa (I just couldn't throw it away!), and a biscuit tin (which usually contains chocolate digestives....). To the right is the actual work space, where my laptop, notebooks and such sit. On the notice board above I've put some photos of my family and friends from home.

On the top shelf I've got a few books for this semester's literature courses, an adorable knitted owl that I got from one of my friends, my witches hat from this Halloween and some folders. On the bottom shelf I've got some jewellery boxes and perfume bottles, and usually my camera (but in this picture there's only my large camera lens...). I'm hoping to fill both of the shelves with more books as the year goes on though.

To the right of the desk is my window, which I'm quite fond of. On the windowsill, I've put three cacti from IKEA, three rose gold candle holders with electrical candles (from Tiger) and then my Cinnamon Stick Yankee Candle (yes mum, I always remember to put it out before I leave the room....).

To the right is my wonderful king sized bed. Although I actually don't use the whole bed when I sleep, it's somehow just really lovely knowing I can roll around or pretend I'm a starfish if I'd feel like it. On the walls above I've got a Doctor Who poster and a Hogwarts poster, because yeah... I'm rather nerdy. 

My cute wood animal bedding is from Primark, and around the bedframe I've got fairylights that I found on Amazon. The fairylights make my little bed corner so wonderfully cosy, especially with the darker days we're getting now. Next to the bed I've got two storage boxes stacked on top of each other as a makeshift bed table (where else would I put my book and my phone?).

And finally, on the floor in front of my bed there's my pride and joy - my wonderful fluffy sheepskin rug.

Have you ever lived in student accommodation? How was it, and what did you do to make it feel homely?

I hope you enjoyed this little tour!

Love, Mimmi.