Sunday, 7 December 2014

Happy Post #8

Last Sunday's sunset, seen from my kitchen window.

...and so it's time for another appreciative post! It feels like I wrote the last one just the other, but it has already been more than two weeks. I can't believe how quickly time flies, and I can't seem to stop mentioning it. Is this a sign of getting old? Either way, I've had two really good weeks, so let's crack on with the positivity!

The first of this month marked the day of my blog's six month anniversary. I started this blog back in June because I was incredibly bored and wanted a creative outlet. Since then I've found that I really enjoy having this little space on the internet, and I'm so grateful for those who read and appreciate my ramblings :)

Gingerbread! It's rather wonderful having a big tin of homemade gingerbread in your room. Like Sam so aptly put it, they're like Christmas in your mouth. I might or might not be eating one while writing this...

Having a chocolate advent calendar. I'm such a child when it comes to Christmas, and having a chocolate advent calendar is a must. I've had one every year for as long as I can remember and it just wouldn't be December without one! I love finishing off breakfast with a wee piece of chocolate.

Left: Irish indie band Walking On Cars at King Tut's the other week. Right: George's Square's interesting Christmas decorations.

And whilst on the topic... the Christmas spirit. I've always been a big fan of Christmas, but even more so this year. I think it might be because I'm living by myself, because it was the same last year when I was in France. I seem to be bursting with excitement for Christmas!

Gigs. I didn't get the chance to go to many concerts back home in Sweden but since moving to Glasgow I've already been to four, and I have one more planned before Christmas. It makes me so happy that there are so many opportunities to go to gigs in Glasgow and I'm determined to take full advantage of it over the next few years.

The colder weather arriving. We've had quite a few really nice days where the sun is out and the air is cold and crisp, and I love it. That said, this Saturday was really mild and rainy, but the nice weather returned today and I'm crossing my fingers that it'll be sticking around.

And finally, here are six blog posts that I've enjoyed reading over the past couple of weeks:

Natalie's thoughts on the problems with too much blogging advice.

Sofia's post about skincare from the inside out.

Sophie's thoughts on being negative about positivity.

This inspiring post from Jenny's "Words"-series.

This list on A Little Opulent of things you should stop overthinking.

My friend's photos from our gingerbread baking (her photos are ten times better than mine!).

What has made you happy recently? And do you have any great blog posts to share?
I hope you've had a great weekend!

Love, Mimmi.