Sunday, 21 December 2014

Happy Post #9

Pictures from our Christmas dinner this Friday.

Oh dear, it's already time for another appreciative post. Time has really flown by, hasn't it? Oops, here I go again, going on about how quickly time passes. I'll just stop talking about that and crack on with the positivity.

The things that have made me happy lately are...

Getting through my exams and semester one, and finally being on Christmas break. I had one exam this Tuesday and two on the Thursday, which was nerve-wrecking and terrifying in every way. The feeling of relief and joy when they were all over was quite something though and almost made up for it.

And in relation to that -- being able to relax, do whatever I want and enjoy the festive season without feeling guilty about not revising. It's such a good feeling! I'm so excited about having a few weeks where I can read and watch whatever I want.

Spending a few lovely days with the girls before we all parted for Christmas. To make up for the last couple of lonely, studious week and all the exam anxiety, we made the most out of our last weekend together for the year. After our exams were finished on Thursday, we had a relaxed evening together, exchanging Secret Santa gifts and chatting away until the early hours of the morning. The following day we went grocery shopping, then cooked a Christmas dinner and ate until we were incredibly stuffed and tired. It was really great. I'm so happy I've met these girls, and it'll be so weird not seeing them over the holidays.

That said, I'm really looking forward to going home to Sweden for Christmas, which I'm really excited about. Because of flights being expensive and whatnot, I'm the last one to leave. Most people left yesterday, and then the last one of my friends left today, so I've got this evening to myself before I go home tomorrow. I don't mind being alone for a bit, but it'll be so nice to get home and see the family again, and celebrate a Swedish Christmas!

I'll let this appreciative post be short and sweet, since I already touched upon a lot in my last post. I'll just finish off with a few posts that I enjoyed reading over the past couple of weeks:

Anya's post about the Bakewell Christmas Market.

This article about being a morning person on ALO.

Suzie from Hello October's thoughts on body bashing.

Megan's beautiful photos of her Christmas tree.

Alice's guest post about Christmas traditions on The Tea Drinking English Rose.

And that's it for this time!

Tomorrow I'm going to spend a few hours in Edinburgh (I'm flying from the Edinburgh airport) before I take the plane back to Sweden, which I'm really looking forward to. I haven't been to Edinburgh since back in September when I first moved to Scotland, and I know how beautiful it is during Christmas so it'll be lovely to have a wander. So expect some Edinburgh photos soon!

Okay, now I'll go back to packing and listening to Christmas music.

Love, Mimmi.