Monday, 29 December 2014

Wandering the Streets of Edinburgh

My flight home on the 22nd wasn't until late afternoon, so I decided to spend a few hours in Edinburgh before going to the airport (Glasgow's airport doesn't really have any flights to Sweden, so I flew from Edinburgh). The weather was a bit schizophrenic - very windy (as always in Edinburgh), sometimes sunny and sometimes cloudy and rainy. Thankfully, Edinburgh is pretty in all weathers.

I spent a few hours wandering up and down the streets, popping into quaint shops every now and then. I also visited the Greyfriar's Kirkyard for the first time (I've always walked past it, but never actually visited), where I got mud all over my boots on the way to the gravestone of Tom Riddell (from whom J.K. Rowling borrowed Voldemort's name!). Finally, I walked through the Christmas market, both first thing when it had just opened and was completely empty, and later on when it was considerably more crowded. 

Even though I didn't do anything special, it was lovely to just wander about and soak in the atmosphere. Edinburgh is wonderful at Christmas time.

Love, Mimmi.