Sunday, 11 January 2015

Happy Post #10

For lack of other fitting photos, here are two more wintery photos from Sweden. Although I'm happy to be back in Glasgow, I'd give anything to have some real winter in place of the crazy amount rain and wind we're having in Scotland right now.

Okay, first and foremost I want to apologise for my week long absence on here. After posting my New Year’s post I got a massive bloggers block. Thankfully I had already planned the Winter Walks post, but after that I had nothing. My brain was totally blank. I also felt really out of the loop with twitter and instagram for a good while, but now I’m slowly getting back into it. I thought I’d just ease back into blogging with a good old appreciative posts. It’s about time for one, too, as it has now been three weeks since the last one.

Lately, the following things have made me feel appreciative:

Having a wonderful Christmas break at home in Sweden with my family. I had such a relaxed, joyful and generally lovely time. I spent lots of time with my family, got to see one of my best friends over New Year’s, ate lots of good food and chocolate, got to enjoy snow and the crisp cold Swedish winter, and  just generally recharged my batteries. Bliss.

Receiving so many great presents for Christmas and for my birthday. I feel really quite spoiled! I’m thinking of doing a “what I got for Christmas/my Birthday” type of post soon, so keep an eye out for that :)

My amazing new headphones and the massive sound difference they give. I have no idea how I survived with my teeny iPhone ones before getting these! Music sounds ten times better with my new ones.

Getting to read novels for university. This is the reason I’m studying English Literature. It’s such a joy getting to read lots of classics and interesting novels (well, most of them are, anyway) as a part of my degree. Seriously, I just really love books.

Your lovely comments on my last post! I'm still an amateur photographer and I know I've got a lot to learn, but getting all those amazingly kind comments made me really happy. Thank you, all you lovely people!

Deciding to try out swimming. I went swimming this morning and really enjoyed it. It's really refreshing while still being tiring. I definitely think I'll keep doing it.

Blog posts I've enjoyed recently:

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That's that! How have you been lately?

Love, Mimmi