Sunday, 25 January 2015

Happy Post #11

Today is pretty miserable here in Glasgow, with the weather being very grey, windy and rainy. However, that's a perfect excuse for staying in with a cup of tea and a good book, isn't it? And it's a very good reason to be positive, so this appreciative post feels pretty appropriate.

Lately, these things have brightened up my days:

Having a routine. Even though I loved having a few weeks off after Christmas, just relaxing and doing nothing, I was getting a tiny bit restless towards the end of my break. I actually quite enjoy having a routine. It makes me feel like I have a purpose with each day, and it makes me enjoy the weekend more.

The brief but lovely appearance of snow. I didn't think there'd be any snow in Glasgow, but we did have some for a few days, which made me really really happy. Snow just makes everything look so much brighter and prettier, doesn't it? That said, the incredibly icy pavements that came when the temperature fluctuated around zero degrees weren't that fun, but since this is a positivity post I won't dwell on that.

Bakery trips. This week I visited my favourite wee bakery two days in a row, which was definitely a bit indulgent, but sometimes you have to treat yourself (like when it's the middle of January and the weather is cold and grey). On Thursday, I had lunch with the English Lit girls (half a focaccia, half a mozzarella & veggie baguette, followed by half a white chocolate tart). Friday was my flatmate's birthday, which was obviously a perfect excuse to go again. This time I had a latte and an apple crumble tart. Bakery trips make me happy - it's that simple.

The unexpected magic that is cinnamon & paprika sweet potato wedges. I saw Sally mention them on twitter and was really intrigued, so a few days later (after finding a 1.25kg bag of sweet potatoes for £1 in Tesco - score!) I made them for the first time and oh my days, they were amazing. So good that I've had them twice this week...

Getting £10 to spend in Paperchase because it was my birthday earlier this month! Paperchase's Treat Me-card is no doubt the best rewards card ever. Not only do you get a free coffee every week from the Tinderbox coffee shop in their shop on Buchanan Street - you also get £10 every year on your birthday. How grand is that? It was a wee bit difficult picking something out, but in the end I decided on a pretty travel mug (perfect for those days in the library).

And lastly, here are a few blog posts that I've enjoyed lately:

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What has made you happy lately?

Love, Mimmi.