Thursday, 1 January 2015

Bye 2014, Hello 2015 & Hello 20-Year-Old Me

The Seine in January / Paris in February / My mum and sister in Paris in March / Tulips in April / Lilacs in May / Berlin in June / Out on the lake in July / My sister and I in our Hogwarts uniforms (nerds, hehe) in August / University of Glasgow in September / Halloween with the girls in October / Ashton Lane in November / Christmas selfie a week ago.

So there goes 2014, and now we’re in 2015! My birthday is on the 2nd of January, so the new year has always arrived almost at the same time as I turn a year older. A new year for everyone, a new year for me. Two new starts at the same time. Funnily enough, I’ve never really been very bothered by the new year. After celebrating Christmas, New Year’s Eve just seems like it’s trying to hard, and I’m not that big on celebrating my birthday either. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t mind either of the days, but they don’t make me nearly as excited as Christmas. Plus, I’ve always been rubbish at looking back at the old year and making resolutions. Today I thought I’d try, and bring out the sentimentality in me.

Bye, 2014

Last year started out so-so. I had spent Christmas and New Year’s at home, and on the 4th I went back to Paris, where I had been studying French for the past few months. I stayed there until mid-March, and I remember feeling very lonely and homesick. I love Paris as a city, but for many reasons I didn’t enjoy my time there. It just wasn’t my thing. I left Paris with a smile, however, after having a lovely week of touristing with my sister and my mum.

I then spent six months in Sweden, waiting for September to arrive. I desperately wanted a job but only managed to get three weeks worth during July, so most of this time was spent doing nothing. Those six months weren't terrible, but looking back at them now I can see how unhappy I was. Being idle made me feel worthless, and gave me too much time to brood. There were lots of nice moments too, though. Like when my mum and one of my sisters went to Berlin in June, and in August when my other sister from Japan came home to visit for a month, making that month much more eventful and fun. 

I started being really, really nervous about moving to Scotland, but I knew I'd never forgive myself if I didn't try. So in September I moved to Glasgow, which was initially really scary but turned out to be  (probably) the best thing I’ve done. I love the country, the city, the university, my degree and most importantly the friends I’ve found. I feel like I’ve ended up in the right place. 

I've learnt that life is full of up and downs, that it's okay to not succeed in all your endeavours, that it's okay to be scared but also that it's important to be brave. Goodbye 2014. You weren’t perfect. You were actually pretty shitty at times. But you weren’t terrible, and in the end you made up for it. See you on the flip side.

Hello, 2015 & Hello, 20-year-old me

I’m not going to make any strict resolutions, as those only stress me out. I do have a few aims with the new year, though. In the coming year, I want to…

…become better at photographing, and learn how to do everything manually. I’ve dipped my toes into manual photographing, but most of it just really confuses me. I know that doing it manually is key to improving as a photographer, so I really want to get to know my camera better.

...lead a healthier lifestyle. I'm not going to completely cut out chocolate or got to the gym five times a week, but I do want to be a bit more active and eat less crap (this mostly applies to the many chocolate digestives I eat on a daily basis, haha). We'll see how it goes!

…grow as a person and be happier in myself. Looking back at my teenage years, I know that I’ve come far with this, but I know I can go even further. I’m entering into my twenties now (scary thought!) and I want to do that as the best version of me.

…be kinder, more accepting and generous. This is closely linked to being the best version of me, but I thought it deserved its own point. I’d like to think I’m a good person, but I know I can always be better, and I want to be that.

…just enjoy my time at university, enjoy life and have a good time. It’s as simple as that!

How was your 2014? Are you looking forward to the new year?

Love, Mimmi.