Thursday, 15 January 2015

Cupcakes and Catch-ups

A couple of days ago I met up with my friend Heather for the first time since before Christmas. With celebrating my birthday as an excuse, we decided to finally go to Cup to try out their cupcakes. Cup has two tearooms in Glasgow - one in the city centre, where I went with my mum back in September, and one in the West End, where Heather and I went. The West End one is much smaller and cosier than the one in the centre - perfect for catching up with a friend over some tea and cake.

As for the cupcakes, they were really tasty. I think cupcakes can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, but these were the perfect size and had a really good cake to frosting ratio. We decided to split two cupcakes between us and opted for one with a chocolate & peanut butter sponge, peanut butter frosting and a piece of snickers on top, and one with a chocolate sponge, chocolate frosting and a Ferrero Rocher on top. They were both really good, but we agreed that the snickers one was by far the best. I also had a cup of tablet flavoured black tea. Tablet is sort of a Scottish equivalent of fudge, and the tea was wonderfully caramel-y.

It was really lovely to see Heather again and great to finally try out the cupcakes. All in all a very good way to spend a Tuesday afternoon!

Are you a fan of cupcakes?

Love, Mimmi.