Thursday, 22 January 2015

Winter Walks, Tea, Falafel & Mountains of Books

Last Saturday was deemed my pseudo-Birthday, since I had been home on my actual birthday, and me and my friends filled the day with various escapades. We started off by going to the cinema to see Into The Woods. I don't know what I expected, but it was definitely not like I thought it'd be. It was enjoyable, although very bizarre. 
When the movie had finished, we set off to find somewhere to have a cup of tea and something to eat. On the way we walked past the university, which was looking very beautiful on this icy cold day.

These are the lovely people I spent the day with (patiently posing for a photo in the freezing cold). <3

Finally, we reached Tchai-Ovna, a quirky wee tea shop in the West End of Glasgow. They had an insane amount of teas and after a good while of decision-making, I opted for a "strudel" tea, which definitely tasted like apples. I also shared a plate of falafel, hummus and pita with one of my friends. It was delicious.

Our toes and fingers thawed, and our stomachs filled with food and tea, we headed next doors to this wonderful second-hand bookshop, Voltaire & Rousseau. The shop was filled to the brim with books and the bookshelves were concealed by mountains of stacked books - everything from regular paperbacks to really old, beautiful books. This is where I found my poetry anthologies from my last post.

By the time we were finished in the bookshop we were once again freezing, so we headed straight back home. We abandoned all plans of going out again, and instead spent the evening watching Tangled in bed and eating scones and chocolate cake, which my friends had kindly baked for me. It was definitely a very good pseudo-Birthday.

What did you get up to this weekend?

Love, Mimmi.