Sunday, 8 February 2015

Happy Post #12

Blue skies over Glasgow.

First things first - I know these are usually called "appreciative" but I thought I'd change it to "happy" just because I think it sounds better. There, now you know, haha.  I've had quite a busy week, but since yesterday evening things have slowed down. I spent last night tucked up in bed, watching Parks & Rec and eating chocolate, and today has been a typical Sunday; calm, slow and dedicated to studying... and also the perfect day for catching up on blogging.

Lately, these things have made me happy:

Having a three day weekend thanks to having Fridays off. I had Fridays off last semester too and I've always loved it, but this week I was even more thankful for it. The first four days of the week were all long and tiring, so getting home on the Thursday knowing that I had three days of winding down ahead of me was pretty great.

Yesterday's beautiful sunset as seen from the kitchen window.

The generous amount of sunshine that Glasgow has offered this past week. The clouds have been gathering today, but I don't feel like I can complain as the last week has been absolutely lovely, with sunshine and milder temperatures. It's ridiculous what a big impact the sunshine has on my mood; it makes me instantly happier. We've also been treated to a few gorgeous sunsets, like yesterday's.

Natural Greek yoghurt drizzled with honey. I've always liked yoghurt, but I go through phases of eating it. Generally it's more of a summer thing for me, and I haven't had it much over the last few months. However, I bought a big tub a few days ago and have been loving it, especially with some honey on top. It's perfect for when I feel a bit peckish in the afternoon.

The beautiful succulent I bought in IKEA yesterday. I'm in love.

Yesterday's spontaneous IKEA trip. Well, it wasn't entirely spontaneous, but sort of. My friend and I had been talking about going to IKEA for a while, and then on Friday I bumped into another Swedish girl who I know a little, and she asked if we wanted to come with her and her flat to IKEA the next day. Naturally, we jumped at the chance, and it was a great way to spend the Saturday. I bought lots of things that I needed, and of course a few things that I didn't really need (because that's what happens at IKEA).

A three way skype session with my mum and sis. Most of the time I'll speak with them one at a time, but yesterday afternoon we timed it really well and chatted away for almost an hour and a half. It was really lovely; almost like seeing them both in real life.

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What has made you happy recently?

Love, Mimmi.