Thursday, 26 February 2015

Recent Buys

Monk shoes and handbag

When spring is right around the corner, a few new additions to the wardrobe are essential, aren't they? I've yet to buy spring clothes (being a student makes budgeting a must), but I have got two lovely things that I know will be faithful companions throughout spring time.

Office monk shoes

I firmly believe that a new season is the perfect excuse for buying a new pair. I own boots for autumn and winter, and more delicate flats and sneakers for summer, but I wanted a pair of shoes appropriate for the rain and mud that is early spring in Glasgow. I found these lovely monk shoes in Office, and after having gone in to look at them several times I finally bought them last week. Side note - am I the only one who always has a hard time with sizes? I'm always in between a four and a five, and it doesn't help that my left foot is slightly longer than the right. Oh, the struggles.

DSUK handbag
One thing that I've wanted for a while is a bag that's big enough to hold my purse, camera and other trinkets, without being too big and bulky. There's been a hole in my little bag collection for a while, but now this beauty has solved all my problems. I found it for a really good price in TK Maxx (that place is such a treasure trove), and it's perfect. Good quality, perfect size and a good amount of partitions. 

Another spring essential I bought recently was a black fake leather jacket from Zara, which I've already got a bit of wear out of. I can't wait to start wearing it more. Come on, spring, hurry up!

Have you got any new things for spring?

Love, Mimmi.