Thursday, 12 February 2015

Wednesday Crêpes

Yesterday I met up with my friend Heather for lunch, and since Pancake Tuesday is coming up next week we decided to go for some crêpes. There is a really nice crêpe place on Byres Road in the West End of Glasgow where I've been a few times before. The interior isn't the cosiest, but the location and the wonderful crêpes make up for it. They have a big selection of both savoury and sweet crêpes. This time I opted for one with pear, almond and nutella, which was delicious. We managed to snatch the best seats as well, right by the window; perfect for people watching. Byres Road is one of the busiest streets in the West End, so watching people walk past is very enjoyable... and so is chatting away over some really yummy crêpes. It was definitely a lovely wee mid-week treat.

I've always preferred crêpes over thick pancakes. In Sweden, if you say pancake you mean a crêpe, and thick American ones aren't nearly as common. I've grown up with always eating and making thin pancakes/crêpes, so that's probably why I'm partial to them. How about you, do you prefer crêpes or thick pancakes?

Love, Mimmi.