Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Highlands Part 1: Exploring Inverness

Inverness rooftops
Last weekend, from Thursday to Sunday, my friends and I went up to the Highlands. My friend Dana is from a wee town called Dornoch, one hour outside of Inverness, so we stayed at her place for a few days. A lot of the time was spent lounging about and having a generally relaxed time (which was wonderful and very much needed), but we also made sure to explore the area a bit. Dana, Alice and I took the bus up on Thursday afternoon and our friend Jenny joined us on Friday evening, since she had university duties on Friday. On Friday afternoon, before meeting up Jenny, the three of us went into Inverness for a few hours.

Churros and hot chocolate
Our first stop was the chocolate themed café So Coco, where we had hot chocolate and churros with melted chocolate. It was very, very sweet, but insanely delicious. You can never go wrong with chocolate, can you?

Leakey's bookshop
Next, we visited the wonderful second-hand bookshop Leakey's. The building is an old church and it's full to the brim of thousands and thousands of books; some very old and some more recent. It's really quite magical and we ended up staying until the shop closed. Yup, we're all a bit obsessed with books.

Leakey's bookshop

Leakey's bookshop
Leakey's bookshop

Leakey's bookshop

Leakey's bookshop

Next, we wandered through Inverness (which was looking quite pretty in the evening light) for a while until we decided to get something more substantial into our stomachs and went to a pub/restaurant called The Filling Station.


The three of us all opted for a pizza with vegetables and goat cheese, and afterwards we treated ourselves to cocktails. Exciting stuff! After our dinner, we were picked up by my friend's mum, who had also picked up Jenny at the bus station. The evening was spent quietly at home, as we were all pretty shattered.

Love, Mimmi.