Thursday, 23 April 2015

Loch Lomond Part 2: Countryside Walks

Sheep pasture near Loch Lomond

Balloch Castle Country Park

Balloch Castle

A tree in Balloch Castle Country park

A brook in the woods near Loch Lomond

Sheep pasture near Loch Lomond


Woods and a view of Loch Lomond

Woods near Loch Lomond
Sheep pasture by Loch Lomond
Gorse near Loch Lomond
Gorse near Loch Lomond
On the second day of our Loch Lomond adventure, we woke up in our cosy B&B bedroom. After being served a massive full Scottish breakfast (although, since we didn't have the meat, perhaps it can't be called 'full'...), we got ready for another day of exploring. This day offered even better weather than the first day, with plenty of sunshine and high temperatures. It truly felt like summer! We decided to just wander around near Balloch, on the Eastern side of the lake. We started off by walking through Balloch Castle Country Park, and then just kept going. We didn't have a planned route or anything, and ended up trudging through sheep pastures, on small country roads and through woods. When we headed back to Glasgow in the evening, we were both exhausted from all the walking and from being outside in the sun all day, but it was a great day. It was really lovely to spend some time in the countryside.  Loch Lomond is a beautiful place.

Love, Mimmi.