Sunday, 17 May 2015

Happy Post #19

A forgotten photo from my last post.

Happy Sunday! How are we already halfway through May? I feel like this spring has just flown by, in a whirl of revision, people visiting and other stuff. After more than a month of having exams and revision looming over me, I now only have until Wednesday until I'm off uni for the summer. Which of course, brings me to my first happy thing -

Almost having finished first year. I really have no idea where this year has gone and it feels almost surreal that it's almost over. I was petrified when I first moved here, but I've settled in pretty well, and although it hasn't been all sunshine and daisies, I feel like I'm in the right place, doing the right thing. So yeah, only three days of revision and a 1,5 hour long exam to go!

My sister being here. She's moving to Glasgow too (yay!) and got here on Tuesday. While she's finding somewhere to stay and so on, she's staying with me, which has been really lovely. Having someone around who you can be completely yourself around is pretty wonderful. Over the last few years she's been living in Japan and we haven't seen each other more than one or two times a year, so I'm really looking forward to having her closer from now onward.

Re-watching Pushing Daisies. I watched it the first time a couple of years ago and loved it. The other week when I was looking for something to watch, I decided to re-watch it, and honestly it's just as good now as it was then. It's so random, weird and quirky, but very charming, funny and occasionally rather deep. But mainly it's just a bit of light-hearted fun.

Spending money on food, coffee and cake. While nights out can be fun once in a while, I feel like it's much more worthwhile spending the little money I have on visits to coffee shops and restaurants, which is what I've been prioritising over the last month or so. Love it. Plus, I have quite a few blog posts in store.

How green everything is. We haven't been treated to the best weather recently... not the worst either, to be fair. Usually, a day will offer both rain and sunshine, clouds and blue skies, and lots of wind. I guess that's just Scotland for you. It's been quite chilly, but at least everything is becoming greener by the minute, and there's something really uplifting and calming abut the lush greenery. Despite the questionable weather, it does feel like late spring.

Finally, here are five blog posts that I've enjoyed reading recently:

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'Building a Minimal Wardrobe' on Pale Lily.

'How To Live a Generous Life' on Lemon Freckles.

What has made you happy recently?

Love, Mimmi.