Sunday, 31 May 2015

Life Update & Happy Post #20

Happy Sunday, lovelies! How are you?

Things are changing up a bit over summer, so I thought I'd start this post by giving you a wee update about my life. I arrived in Sweden last Saturday and I'll be staying until the 10th of June, when I'm heading back to Scotland. My dad is coming with me to spend a few days in Glasgow, which I'm really looking forward to. After he's gone I'll move to Stirling for the summer, since I've got an internship there. I'll be working for a company called Labels4Kids, helping with a little bit of everything, and I'm renting a room in a house owned by a very nice couple. And that's where I'll be until September, when I move back to Glasgow and University resumes. I'll be in Glasgow quite a lot over summer anyway though, since it's only a 40 minute train ride away, so I reckon this blog won't be too different from what it usually is.

Now onto what has made me happy recently -

My first blog anniversary! Tomorrow marks exactly one year since my very first post, which feels quite surreal. On the one hand, I feel like I've been blogging forever, yet at the same time it feels like I just started. I thought about making a post dedicated to this fact alone, but decided that getting the first place in my Happy Post would suffice. I still love blogging and I'm so happy I decided to start a blog, so here's to another year of blogging!

Getting to be home for a while. This is the first summer that I'm not going to spend mostly in Sweden, which is sort of odd, but I'm really happy that I had enough time in between my exams ending and my job starting to go home for at least a short while, to catch up with family and friends and enjoy Sweden when it's the prettiest, which of course brings me to my next thing...

How lovely Sweden is at this time of the year. I love all seasons and I think I would be bored if we had eternal summer, but Sweden really shows its best side in late May and the beginning of June. (As does the UK, I'm sure!) Everything is intensely green, there are wildflowers in abundance, birds are chirping wherever you go, and there is something refreshing and invigorating about the air. It makes me happy to be alive.

Spending time with my darling dog. Having our little mister around is just the best. He is wonderful company; the kindest dog on earth, always content, always happy to see you, and always up for a cuddle. I love him to bits, and I know I'll miss him so much when I leave again.

New potatoes. I'm a little bit in love with new potatoes and every summer I eat as much as I can while they're in season. There's something so wonderfully delicious about those small, sweet and seemingly simple potatoes. I love how versatile they are; boiled and tossed with fresh greens and a bit of olive oil, or roasted in the oven with lots of garlic, and so on. All the yum.

Changing up my blog design a bit. As my one year blogiversary was coming up, I felt like I wanted to switch it up a bit. The theme is still the same, but I changed the font and made myself a new header, since I was getting very bored of the minimalistic one I had earlier. I always get bored of things sooner or later, but at the moment I love my new header, and hopefully I won't grow tired of it too soon! What do you think of it?

Re-reading Harry Potter. I'm a massive potterhead and I've read the books so many times over the last ten years, but a little while ago I realised that it had actually been a couple of years since last time, so I figured it was high time to do it again. I listened to the two first ones on audio book earlier this year, so I began with the third one, and oh, it's been such a joy to delve into the world of Harry Potter again. I'm still sad that I never got to attend Hogwarts...

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Tell me; what has made you happy recently?

Love, Mimmi.