Thursday, 25 June 2015

Dinner at Zizzi's Princes Square

Tortelloni at Zizzi's Princes Square

Rustica Primavera Pizza at Zizzi's Princes Square

Chocolate praline & sea salt torte at Zizzi's Princes Square
Zizzi's Princes Square
At the beginning of May, to commemorate the end of first year, my friend Alice and I did what we do best - treat ourselves to delicious food. (I find it a little bit funny that this post ended up right after my last one...) I've blogged about Zizzi's before, but that was the one in the West End. This time, we went to one of the Zizzi restaurants in the centre of Glasgow, namely the one in the Princes Square shopping centre. The restaurant is located on the top floor, overlooking the airy, beautiful shopping centre. And the food - oh, the food. I opted for a tortelloni with ricotta, asparagus, lemon and lots of parmesan, which I'm pretty sure was a seasonal special. Alice had the pizza that I had last time - 'Rustica Primavera' - a wonderful but incredibly large creation with goat's cheese, artichoke, olives, pepper, pesto and rocket salad. I had a fair amount of it too, given that my portion was significantly smaller, and I must say it was better than the tortelloni. To finish off, we both had a lovely chocolate, praline and sea salt torte. The waitress who served us was seemingly amazed at our ability to finish food, commenting on it every chance she got. Other than that, the service was great, the atmosphere was lovely, the food was delicious and the company was fabulous. Typing this post makes me so hungry for some lovely Italian food...

Have you ever been to Zizzi's?

Love, Mimmi.