Sunday, 28 June 2015

Happy Post #22

The photo above was taken last Sunday, when my sister and I went on an adventure in the countryside outside of Glasgow. Our goal was a horse dressage competition (my sister is a horse lover), but on our adventures we also got a good dose of countryside, which was very much needed. Other than that, life lately has mostly consisted of the work, eat, sleep routine during the weeks. Yesterday, however, I went to Dunnottar Castle and Aberdeen with the girl who rents the other room in the house I'm staying in and some of her colleagues, which ended up being a very long but very lovely day. You can expect a post (or two) about that very soon! Anyhow, on to what has been making me happy lately...

The fact that I've been lucky enough to end up with very kind people around me. Renting a room someplace new and starting a new job are both daunting things, but my colleagues and the couple that I'm renting a room from are all incredibly nice and welcoming, which has made it much easier.

Nakd bars. I bought a few packs of them a couple of weeks ago when they were on offer (I think they still are, though!), and they've been such lifesavers during my workdays. They're perfect for getting through that afternoon slump, plus they're just so tasty. 

Cup after cup of tea. Everyone at work seems to be in the habit of drinking lots of tea and coffee everyday, which is fantastic as it allows me to have countless cups of tea a day without feeling guilty. I just love tea.

Strawberries. Isn't it wonderful when they're finally in season? I basically never buy them during the rest of the year as I don't think it's worth paying a tiny fortune for a small pack of strawberries that won't even taste good. But now, when they're guaranteed to be (more or less) sweet and juicy, and aren't as expensive, I've been treating myself to them once in a while. It might not be summer in terms of the weather, but strawberries are still a must.

Seeing more of the countryside. Both last weekend, when my sister and I went on an adventure outside of Glasgow, and yesterday when I went up to Dunnottar, I got to spend some precious time in the countryside, which was pretty great. Especially now in the summer (well....), I think it's so nice to get out and about.

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I must admit I had a hard time coming up with happy things for this post... not that I've been unhappy, but I guess life is just a tiny bit slow at the moment. How about you? What has made you happy recently? I'd love to hear.

Love, Mimmi.