Sunday, 7 June 2015

Summer Goals

(sources: pinterest)

This summer is the first one ever that I won't be spending wholly in Sweden, which feels really bizarre. I'm home now, but I'm going back to Scotland on Wednesday and will be working for the whole summer, five days a week, up until University starts. This means that I won't be able to enjoy summer as much as usually. I suppose that's a part of growing up and being responsible, isn't it? Thankfully, I've at least had these couple of weeks in Sweden, and although the weather hasn't been perfect, I have already enjoyed a few summery moments, such as having a sushi picnic in a a beautiful park with the sun warming the evening (when I was visiting my friend in the south of Sweden earlier this week) and a trip to Stockholm to enjoy Djurgården (post coming up!). And I'm typing this whilst sitting out in the sun, enjoying an iced almond milk coffee, which isn't half bad.

Anyhow, I want to make the most out of my summer even though I'll be working (and even though I'll be in Scotland, where summer doesn't really seem to be a thing). We'll see how much I'll have time for, but here are a few things that I'm hoping to do:

1. Have picnics. I adore picnics and I firmly believe that they're an essential part of any summer. As mentioned, I've already done it once (yay!), but I'm determined to do it again. Perhaps in the Botanics or in the Kelvingrove Park, or somewhere in Stirling that I'm yet to discover.

2. Go swimming in a lake. I grew up right next to Sweden's third-largest lake, and every summer for as long as I can remember I've gone swimming in it countless of times. I love the sea as well, but lakes have a special place in my heart. One sunny day, I really want to head to a lake, perhaps Loch Lomond, and go for a swim.

3. Have a glass of wine or a pint of beer (or a half pint, probably...) in a beer garden during a sunny day or evening. Let's just hope my days off won't all be rainy.

4. Go strawberry picking. Now, I wouldn't say I do this every summer, but I have been quite a few times and I love it. A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon the website of a place near Glasgow that offers strawberry picking, and I'm sure there's plenty more, so I really want to drag my sister with me (knowing her, she'll be more than willing) to someplace like that and feast on strawberries. The only problem is how to get there.

5. Visit Stirling Castle. I've visited once before, but I was six years old and can't remember a thing, so I want to take the opportunity to visit again, seeing as I'll be living in Stirling for three months. I know I'll have to fight crowds of tourists, but it'll hopefully be worth it.

6. Visit friends in other parts of Scotland. I want to take advantage of my days off and kill two birds with one stone, visiting friends and seeing new places in Scotland. I'm most definitely going to Linlithgow to visit my friend Heather, and I might also head to Dundee.

7. Explore a farmer's market. I have no idea how common these are in Scotland, but I'm hoping I'll find a good one to explore. When I was staying in Paris, one of my favourite pastimes was going to farmer's markets. They're not as common in Sweden, but they do appear ever so often, especially during summer.

8. Read. A lot. I'm currently halfway through the Harry Potter books, and then I'm going to start on my summer to-read list.

9. Write more. With no essays or exams to worry about, I'm hoping to have more time for writing, both for this blog and in general.

10. Eat seasonally. I want to take advantage of summer and enjoy all that Britain has to offer; strawberries, berries, vegetables, new potatoes, fresh herbs and all the greens.

Do you have any goals or plans for this summer?

Love, Mimmi.