Sunday, 26 July 2015

34 Small Things That Make Me Happy

Field of Poppies - 34 Small Things That Make Me Happy

Instead of my usual Happy Post, I'm changing it up a wee bit today with a list of small, everyday things that make life beautiful. These posts pop up every now and then and I always love reading them. So it only seemed logical to write one myself! The most common amount seems to be 50, but I decided to just keep going until it felt right, and ended up with 34. Anyway, I'll stop rambling now. Here are 34 little things in everyday life that make me happy -

1. Sweet and juicy strawberries.

2. Massive mugs of tea.

3. Skype dates with friends and family.

4. Quiet mornings.

5. Morning walks, when barely no one is up and the world is quiet and calm.

6. A really good book.

7. When you find that thing you've been lusting over in the sale.

8. Beautiful bookshops.

9. Really pretty stationery.

10. Getting into bed after a long day, when you're tired to the bone.

11. Perfectly ripe avocados.

12. Dog cuddles.

13. Seeing nature change as the seasons replace one another.

14. Almond butter.

15. Exploring new places by foot.

16. When your porridge is the perfect consistency; not too thick and not too runny.

17. Newly washed bedding.

18. That feeling when you're really thirsty and finally get to drink a glass of cold water.

19. Harry Potter. The books, the movies, the whole world.

20. Chocolate. Anytime.

21. Waking up naturally with the sunlight.

22. Those incredibly good songs/albums that send shivers down your spine, they're just that good.

23. The first signs of spring.

24. When you see someone you haven't seen for ages, and that wonderful I've-missed-you-hug.

25. Eating outside in the warmth of the sunshine.

26. Getting into your jammies after a long day at work.

27. Woodland walks. Or walks in the countryside in general, actually.

28. Cotton bedsheets against bare skin.

29. Travelling by train and being able to simply enjoy the scenery through the window.

30. Quiet summer rain that makes the air smell sweet.

31. Sweet potatoes.

32. Not having to break in new shoes.

33. Walking past all kinds of beautiful flowers, like the poppies above.

34. Summer evenings.

What makes you happy?

Love, Mimmi.