Sunday, 9 August 2015

Happy Post #24

(a few random photos from my instagram...)

It's been quite a while since my last happy post! I just finished a six-day working week, which itself is a reason to be happy, even if I'm working again tomorrow (only four days though, since I'm off Thursday as well as the weekend, yay!). But let's not dwell on boring stuff like work. Here's what has made me happy recently -

Reaching 300 followers on Bloglovin'. It feels pretty great to pass another milestone, and to know that so many of you actually like my blog enough to hit follow! Thank you so much :) (Even if BL is not my favourite site at the moment because of that ridiculous Hunger Games-esque follower competition)

Scot Blog Meet. As you might have seen if you read my last blog post, I recently went to my first blogging event, and had a wonderful time. It was so nice to meet fellow bloggers, and I'm really happy to be part of such a fab blogging community.

The Great British Bake Off. I can't stress enough how much I love this show, and I'm so happy it's back in my life. It really made Wednesday so much brighter! Sue and Mel are such fabulous ladies, and although I'm not a big fan of Paul, Mary Berry is just lovely. So far I think my favourite contestants are Flora, Sandy and Dorret.

All the blueberries. I've been eating my morning porridge with a big dollop of almond butter (of course) and lots of blueberries recently. They are incredibly sweet and juicy at the moment! Plus I was really happy to see that Waitrose has 20% off berries until August the 18th, which is obviously the perfect excuse to eat as many berries as possible while they're in season. Right?

Going to a concert. Last Saturday, my sister and I went to Edinburgh just for the evening to see one of our favourite bands, Augustines. They're not that famous so I doubt you've heard of them, but they're really good, and they're brilliant live! I hadn't been to a gig in ages, so it was so much fun to finally go to another one.

Only having one month left of my internship (well, a month and a couple of days), and until I move back to Glasgow! As lovely as Stirling is, I really miss Glasgow, and even though my internship is pretty good, I miss being at uni. Plus I'm just really, really excited to move in with my dear sis. 

My lovely landlord and landlady. A new girl from Germany moved into the other room in the house a week ago, so on Monday evening they had made a three-course dinner for all of us. Even though I sometimes find it hard to live with people I don't know very well, it does make it easier that they're so welcoming and sweet.

Getting my tax refund, finally. I only worked for a few weeks last summer and (long story short) ended up paying tax even though I didn't have to. I thought I'd get it back in June, but didn't, and I've been worried all summer that I simply wouldn't get my money back. But this week I did, and it was such a relief!

Finally, here are eight blog posts that I've loved reading recently -

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What has made you happy recently?

Love, Mimmi.