Sunday, 13 September 2015

Autumn Goals

Back in June I posted my summer goals, which was a post I really enjoyed writing. I've realised now that I was a tad enthusiastic with my goals, and didn't appreciate how little time I would have working full time, and how rubbish the weather would be most of the days I had off. I did tick off a few of my goals though - I visited Stirling castle, I had beer and wine outside (on those few lovely days), I visited one friend (a couple of weeks ago, in Linlithgow), I managed to read quite a lot, I wrote lengthier blog posts (some of which will probably pop up here later!), and I most definitely ate seasonally. However, I didn't get the change to have another picnic, go strawberry picking, swim in a lake or visit a farmer's market. It's a shame, but then there is always next summer! And now I'm welcoming autumn with open arms, so here are a few things that I aim to do over the next few months....

1. Start baking bread again. I used to bake bread all the time, using my trusty sourdough Rory (yes, that was its name... gold star to whoever can guess where the name comes from!). Then I moved to Scotland, and for a year now I've had to share a kitchen with other people, which killed my baking inspiration. Now that I've moved in with my sister, I'm excited to start a new sourdough (Rory Junior, perhaps?), and get baking again.

2. Make the most of the sunny days. I love sunny autumn days when the air is still crisp and chilly but the sun warms you up, and gives everything that lovely glow. I'm determined to make the most of the nice days by visiting parks and just wandering about outside, perhaps with something warm to drink.

3. In relation number two, I want to visit the Botanic Gardens regularly. Since I moved to Glasgow, the Botanic Gardens in the West End have become one of my favourite places, regardless of season. I love seeing the gardens change with the seasons, and I'm excited to see it in all its autumnal glory again, because it was last autumn that I first fell in love with it, after all.

4. Do my very best in my studies, and find a balance between studying, working, blogging and free-time. Last year I did quite well in my studies, which was probably due to how hard I worked, and I want to work just as hard and do just as well (or better!) this year. I'm certainly motivated, so I'm just crossing my fingers I won't find second year too difficult!

5. Get settled in my new job, and do my best with that, too. This goal is sort of related to my last one, I suppose, but I want to make the most of my new job and put in all the effort I can. I'm really excited about it!

6. Make our new flat feel like home. The flat is furnished, so it's impossible to make it 100% ours, but I want to make it feel as much like home as possible. We've already been to IKEA to buy some bits and bobs, and made a cheeky order from H&M Home, so I'm really excited to make my room cosy and personal.

7. Enjoy my hot drinks. Like pumpkin spice lattes, for example. Some people might roll their eyes at this, but I honestly love the PSL so much. There are very few things better than treating yourself to a sweet PSL on a cold autumn day! I'm also looking forward to enjoying hot chocolate and tea more. I drink tea all year round, but a warming cuppa is honestly more satisfying when it's cold outside than in the Summer.

8. Save some money. I managed to save a bit of money over summer, and I want to keep up those good habits. I'm planning a trip to London next summer, after all, and I would love to be able to afford another holiday somewhere next year! While also just saving for the future, of course (I know, I'm being very optimistic...). Is it weird that I'm sort of excited to start saving?

Do you have any goals for Autumn?

Love, Mimmi.