Sunday, 18 October 2015

Happy Post #27

Happy Sunday! How are you all? I worked both Friday and Saturday, and I'm working again today, so the weekend hasn't been much of a weekend for me personally. I'm feeling a little bit stressed and worn out at the moment, but what better reason to focus on the happy things in life? So, without further ado, here are the things that have made me happy over the last few weeks...

Glorious, beautiful autumn. The two autumns I've spent in Scotland have been gorgeous, with plenty of beautiful, sunny days and crisp, clear weather. Granted, we still have about half of this autumn to go, but it has been wonderful so far. I think October is my favourite month of the year - I just love everything about it! The orange and red leaves, the beautiful light, the chilly air, the conkers, the hot drinks. It's so dreamy.

Living with my sister. We've shared a flat for more than a month now (how time flies!), and it's honestly the best thing. We get along really well, and if we do have the odd argument, it's resolved almost directly. It's really comforting always having your best friend around. If only we could've moved in together  sooner! 

Wearing red lipstick. I've finally started feeling comfortable wearing red lipstick just any day, like to university, which is something I've strived for in a long time. I still have to master the art of eating with it on, but I love how chic and autumnal it is. 

Dancing. I signed up for the Scottish Country Dancing Society at the start of the semester, and although I get incredulous looks when I tell people about it, and though my sister loves teasing me about it, I really enjoy it. I don't like exercising, but dancing is so fun that you hardly notice you're working out! Perfect. 

My newly purchased hot water bottle. I've never used a hot water bottle before, but because our flat is really cold (and heating is expensive), I decided to get one a little while ago, and it's been such a life-saver. There's nothing cosier than feeling it warming the bed up under the duvet.  

Snuggly jumpers. With the arrival of autumn and the cold weather, the jumpers have come out to play. I love how simple it is to just throw on a jumper in the morning, and how comfortable they are! Can it just be autumn forever, please?

Listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks. So, yes, I did just re-read the books over summer, but can you ever get too much of Harry Potter? I don't think so. I'm normally not one for audiobooks, but I actually love the Harry Potter ones. I like listening on the way to work, or when I'm just getting ready in the morning. It's oddly comforting and just makes me feel all warm and happy. Plus, Stephen Fry is brilliant.

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What has made you happy recently? Are you loving autumn as much as I am?

Love, Mimmi