Sunday, 22 November 2015

Christmas & Winter Goals

Happy Sunday! How are you all? Am I the only one who is befuddled by the fact that we're more than halfway through November? I can't believe how quickly time flies. This weekend, my dad is visiting, so this post is a cheeky scheduled one (can't remember the last time I did that!). Inspired by Jasmin, and following up from my Autumn Goals, I figured it was high time for a Winter/Christmas Goals. But first, how did I do with my autumnal goals? I have started baking my own bread, I definitely made the most of the sunny October days, I've done the best I can with my studies, I feel much more settled in my job, our new flat definitely feels homely and I've had countless of hot drinks. However, I've only been to the Botanics twice (shock horror!) but I've visited Kelvingrove Park much more regularly, and I do love it. As for saving money, I have saved quite a lot, but perhaps not as much as I would've liked. I blame the Cursed Child tickets.... All in all, however, I think I've done really well with my goals!

Anyhow, here are my new ones for Christmas and the winter months...

1. Go ice skating. During my childhood we used to go ice skating every winter on the frozen lake. It's been ages since I last did it though, so this year my sister and I are planning to go to Glasgow On Ice and go ice skating on George Square. It won't be nearly the same thing as going out on the frozen lake with hot chocolate in a thermos, but I reckon it'll be fun!

2. Bake Christmas treats. Every single year (with the exception of the year that I was in Paris) I've baked Swedish sweet saffron buns and gingerbread at the beginning of December. To me, baking that first batch of gingerbread on the first of Advent is an essential part of Christmas, and I'm excited to do it with my sister this year, because we haven't done it together in quite a few years!

3. Get a real Christmas tree for our flat. When I was little we used to have a real tree every year, but then one year we switched to a plastic one, and my parents have since refused to ever get a real tree. But this year I'm in my own flat, so obviously we're planning to get a real tree! I can't wait to feel the smell of pine - there's something so Christmassy about it. We just have to find somewhere to place it...

4. Have a festive afternoon tea. Just like Jasmin, I would love to go for a festive afternoon tea. I love afternoon tea, and I love anything festive - put those two together, and it's bound to be magical, isn't it? I just have to find out what the best one in Glasgow is! If you're from Glasgow, suggestions would be welcome.

5. Go to at least one Christmas market. To begin with there's the St Enoch Christmas market in Glasgow, which I found a bit meh last year (sorry Glasgow), but still need to pay a visit. I'm also hoping to go to Etsy's Christmas Market when it comes to Glasgow on the 6th of December, and also to the one in Edinburgh which is a tiny bit too commercial and tourist-y for my liking but is still a lovely experience.

6. Finish my Goodreads challenge. I was doing so well up until I went back to uni in September, and now I'm a few books behind. I plan to read as much as I can over the Christmas holidays though, so hopefully I'll be able to get back on track before the end of the year.

7. Ace my exams. Or, at least do well enough. (Touch wood!) I have to get really good grades this year to be able to do what I want in third year, so I'll have to really revise as much as I can. Exams have never been my forte, but hopefully I'll be able to perform well enough. I'm not looking forward to revising. Not. At. All.

8. And for an easy-peasy fun one... watch all of the Christmas movies. I've already made a start (oops) with watching Elf last week, but I'm planning to get through all of the good ones. Love Actually, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Grinch, The Holiday, and so on.

Do you have any goals for the Christmas season and/or for winter in general?

Love, Mimmi.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

A Wee Room Tour

Room Tour Muted Mornings

Room Tour Muted Mornings

Room Tour Muted Mornings

Room Tour Muted Mornings

Room Tour Muted Mornings

Room Tour Muted Mornings

Room Tour Muted Mornings

Room Tour Muted Mornings


I've now lived in my current flat for over two months. It's a furnished flat, and a lot of the furniture is really rather ugly, but I've done my best to make my room homely anyway. There are still a few bits and bobs that I'd like to get for my room, but it does feel more like home than my room in student accommodation ever did. So, I thought it would be fun to share some of the nicer parts that I'm quite chuffed about. I can't be the only one who is nosy and likes seeing what people's homes look like, right?

My room is the biggest of the two rooms, and is a sort of combined bedroom and living room, as it has a sofa and a coffee table. Upon entering the room, the sofa and the coffee table are to the right, behind the door and to the left is my wardrobe, on which I've put up photos of my friends and family, and a sort of combined chest of drawers/vanity table which holds my make-up, jewellery and other stuff.

The best part of the room is the bed though, which is what you see straight ahead when you enter. It's placed right by the large windows, which is a beautiful but simultaneously terrible spot since it gets very, very cold. It's okay once you're in bed snuggled up under the duvet and blanket with a hot water bottle though. I've also got three companions - Helga the owl, Henry the haggis and Earl Grey the donkey (who's been my dear friend since I was only a few years old). I firmly believe that you're never too old for stuffed animals.

On the wall next to the windows is my Ravenclaw print which I got from Etsy. To the right of the bed are a few built-in cabinets and built-in shelves with glass doors. The cabinets hold random stuff that I want out of sight, while the shelves hold my books. On the wee lower shelf, I've got my Harry Potter books and DVDs, a couple of empty chocolate frogs, and (if you look closely in front of the books), my wand. Yup, it's no secret I love Harry Potter.

On the same wall, to the right of the books, is an old boarded up fireplace. On the upper shelf I've put my ivy, my beloved Marauder's Map, my Rifle Paper Co calendar, my chocolate advent calendar and an Emma-book from that is actually a storage box. The little shelf below is home to my cacti, my wee pumpkins (which will probably soon be replaced by something more Christmas-y), an owl that my friend kindly crocheted for me, and another empty chocolate frog box! Below is my desk, which is usually more cluttered than in this photo. Turning right, on the wall opposite the bed, is the sofa and the coffee table. It's the ugliest sofa in the world, so I'll spare your eyes. I shouldn't complain though, as at least we've got a sofa! 

And that's that :) Hope you enjoyed this little tour of my room. How have you decorated your room/your flat?

Love, Mimmi

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Happy Post #28

Happy Post #28

Happy November, everyone! To be honest, I sort of miss October and its gorgeous, sunny, autumnal days (the rain has come back to Scotland in full force) but at the same time, I'm very excited about Christmas approaching (I've already started listening to Christmas music...) - I just can't help it! Autumn/Winter is when I feel like I'm truly in my element. It's been a while since I wrote a Happy Post, as my blogging has been a bit haphazard lately. I've stopped putting pressure on myself to stick strictly to my blogging schedule, as I've got so many other things to keep up with. It has actually been rather nice to just step back a bit, and just blog whenever I have the time.

Anyhow, let's get on with it, shall we? Here's what's made me happy recently...

Finishing my English Literature essay. Last week was my reading week, and when I wasn't working I was sat struggling with my literature essay. There is a lot of pressure this year as I have to get a B2 to get into third year, and on top of that second year is (naturally) more difficult than last year. I really wasn't happy with how my essay turned out, but either way it was such a relief to hand it in on Monday, because now I can't do anything about it anymore, and what will be, will be.

Working fewer hours. There were a few weeks last month where I worked 20+ hours a week, which really made me exhausted to the bone. But a couple of weeks ago I started working only around 10 hours a week, which I find is the perfect amount -- not too much, but not too little, and perfectly manageable. As a result, I feel much less stressed and much more at peace.

Attending a blogging event at Soba Merchant City. I blog (though very sporadically lately) for Time Out Glasgow, and last week us bloggers were invited along to an event at Bar Soba in Merchant City. We got to try out their new menu, and had three delicious cocktails plus a three-course dinner. It was the perfect break from essay-writing, and I had a lovely time. Everything was delicious, and it was so nice to finally meet some of the other Time Out bloggers - for example Elise, whose blog I've been reading for quite a while.

Cardamom coffee. I've started adding a little bit of ground cardamom to my coffee before brewing it (I use a cafetière, so I simply add it with the ground coffee before pouring hot water over), and it's so delicious. I used to have it ever so often back home in Sweden, and am really happy to have rediscovered it. Coffee and cardamom are flavours that complement each other so well. Goodness, that sounded pretentious. But really, the cardamom just adds a bit of warmth and deliciousness. 

Baking with sourdough. I used to bake my own sourdough bread regularly before I moved to Scotland, but when I lived in student accommodation and shared a kitchen with five other girls I didn't really feel like baking much, so I took a break from it. The other week I finally started a new sourdough, however, and so far I've baked with it twice. There's something really satisfying and therapeutic about it, plus it's much tastier than store-bought bread, and cheaper than bakery bread.

(I'm also toying with the idea of putting together some posts about baking with sourdough... so let me know if that's be something you'd be interested in!)

Christmas drinks. Ah, I know it's such a cliché, but I can't help really loving it when Starbucks' and Costa's Christmas drinks come back. It means the best time of the year is approaching and that it's 100% okay to treat yourself to sugary drinks, because, you know, they're not here all year round!

My new unicorn iPhone case from Skinny Dip. My sister and I spotted it yesterday in Topshop and we couldn't resist getting one each, like the big kids we are. It makes me happy whenever I see it on my phone. I just love unicorns.

Finally, here are a few blog posts I've enjoyed recently.

'The Witching Place' on The Salty Sea Blog.

'Why I Don't Like Labels' on Deliciously Ella.

'A Day in Stratford-Upon-Avon' on Life in Ginger.

'Healthy Toffee Apple Tart' on The Peppermint Pencil.

'11 Small Ways to Feel Happier Right Now' on Robowecop.

'Things They Don't Tell You About Uni' on Sweet Serendipity.

Finally, I wrote a recipe on Swedish cinnamon rolls for, and if you're looking for a wonderfully warming and autumnal treat, then make sure to check it out! I promise, they're not as difficult as they might appear.

What has made you happy recently?

Love, Mimmi.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia

Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia

Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia

Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia

Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia

I've lost count of the times I've entered a Jo Malone store just to sniff their beautiful fragrances, but I've never been able to justify buying one. Until last weekend, that is. I had just got my pay for the few weeks that I worked 20+ hours a week, so it seemed only natural to treat myself to a little something. 

Choosing a scent was incredibly difficult. I had narrowed it down to three - Blackberry & Bay, Peony & Blush Suede and English Pear & Freesia (I seem to like the fruity and floral ones...). In the end I decided to go for English Pear & Freesia, more on a whim than because I prefer it over the other two; they're all so beautiful. I can't describe scents to save my life, so here is what Jo Malone says on their website - 

'The essence of autumn. The sensuous freshness of just-ripe pears is wrapped in a bouquet of white freesias, and mellowed by amber, patchouli and woods. Luscious and golden.

Yup. All I can say is that it's stunning. The balance between floral and fruity is perfect, and it's simultaneously fresh and warming. And on the plus side, the packaging is gorgeous!

Have you used any of Jo Malone's perfumes before?

Love, Mimmi.