Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #5

I would normally write this on a Tuesday afternoon or evening, but time has just flown by and suddenly it's Wednesday morning again! But what better time to write this up than with a bowl of warming porridge and a cup of tea to sip? 

:: Some alone time, spent wandering through a quiet, autumnal park. On Friday I went on a solo trip to Pollok Country Park (as you might have seen) and made the conscious decision not to ask anyone to come with me, simply because I wanted to spend some time with myself. It turned out to be a lovely little outing, and very much needed.

:: Taking my camera out for a spin. I bought a new lens a couple of months ago but the last month has been so busy I've barely had time to use it. I brought it with me to the park, however, and snapped away to my heart's content.  

:: Teaching. I'm now six weeks into teaching Scottish country dancing and I'm feeling more and more confident and relaxed with the role. I teach beginner university students, which at first seemed like a daunting task when faced with a room of more than 60 people, but is proving to be a really fun experience. It also helps immensely that my co-teacher is fantastic to work with. 

:: Vegan afternoon tea with a good friend. I met up with my friend Heather on Saturday to try out The Hidden Lane Tearoom's vegan afternoon tea. For £12 we got a selection of yummy sandwiches, a scone each, and an assortment of little cakes, all vegan! Delicious, affordable and all around wonderful. 

That will have to be it for today! 

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Have a lovely rest of the week :)


Saturday, 22 October 2016

An Autumnal Day Out

Pollok Country Park

Pollok Country Park

Pollok Country Park

Leaf and pond

Autumnal leaves on the ground

Pollok Country Park

Pollok House

Pollok House

Pollok House

Pollok House
Yesterday I had a day off from everything - no work, no lectures, no dancing. Although I do have assignments to take care of I decided to take advantage of an empty diary and headed to one of my favourite parks in Glasgow, Pollok Country Park. Having grown up in the countryside, I often get pangs of longing for nature and while Pollok Country Park isn't technically the countryside, it does the trick when those pangs become one too many. I've always enjoyed doing things alone ever so often, just spending time with my thoughts. I had a lovely couple of hours time strolling through the park, and I also visited the house for the first time (hurrah for being a National Trust member) and had a warming butternut squash soup for lunch ('a table for one, please') before heading back home. 

Love, Mimmi. 

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #4

It seems that my blog is full on Wonderful Wednesday these days. I figure it could be worse though, because who doesn't like a bit of mid-week positivity? So without further ado, here are the things that have made me happy over the past seven days...

:: Handing in my notice. I told my manager that I'll be leaving before Christmas and I couldn't have asked for a better reaction. She took it so well, thanked me several times and even gave me a hug. I still have two months before I actually leave, but simply the knowledge that I don't have long left makes everything seem easier. 

:: The vegan shepherd's pie that I made the other day from a recipe out of Niomi Smart's Eat Smart cook book. It took a wee while and I dirtied quite a few pans in the process, but it was worth the effort! It was incredibly yummy - comfort food at its best, bursting with flavour. Plus I got quite a lot of left-overs, which is always a good thing.

:: The start of citrus season. Clementines are my all-time favourite, and I would eat them all the time if I could. The first really sweet oranges and clementines have appeared in the supermarkets (and subsequently in my cupboard) and oh, it's good to have them back. 

:: A catch-up with my dad on skype. We are really close, dad and I, but we don't talk that often. Time tends to just slip away, and then suddenly we haven't properly talked for over a month! It's always lovely to get the chance to chat with him though, and he never fails to make me smile. Family is the best.

:: Meeting up with my old flatmate over lunch on Saturday. We decided to try out the new Bread Meats Bread on Great Western Road, and I had a beetroot falafel burger and sweet potato fries. Although the burger was a little bit of a disappointment, it was a lovely way to spend Saturday lunch. 

How has your week been so far?

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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #3

Last week was really rather hectic, and Wednesday came and went in a flash. This week I'm back with another Wonderful Wednesday post however, so here we go...

:: That magical light right up there. October so far has been absolutely beautiful, with warm sunlight, blue skies, crunchy leaves and a chill in the air. Every year I fall in love with this month over again.

:: Knowing that I'll be going home over Christmas. I wasn't sure I would be, but then mum got me plane tickets as an early Christmas present and convinced me to think of my own well-being and leave work before Christmas. I feel suddenly lighter, knowing that I'll have a proper Christmas with my family this year. 

:: The amazingly creamy coconut milk chocolate I found reduced to £1.60 in Waitrose. Yay for vegan chocolate! I might have to run back for some more, because I already finished the pack... 

:: An afternoon browse in Oxfam's second-hand bookshop and leaving the shop with a few new books in my bag. Not that I have time to read anything that isn't for university these days, but just filling up my bookshelf makes me happy.

:: Brunch with a dearly missed friend who came up from London over the weekend. A whole group of us got together for brunch on Sunday morning, and it was lovely to see her in person again. 

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How has your week been so far?

Love, Mimmi

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #2

Another week gone, and it's time for my second Wonderful Wednesday post, which happens to be very food and drink oriented this time...

:: Porridge topped with nuts, berries, maple syrup and cinnamon in different combinations. The chill in the air means that porridge season is well and truly here, and as much as I love banana pancakes and smoothie bowls, a warming bowl of porridge will always be my favourite.

:: Finding a tv-series that makes me feel all warm, fuzzy and happy - namely Gilmore Girls. After years (or what feels like years) of people gasping at the fact that I had never seen it, I finally dived into it last week and I'm hooked. It's an instant happy pill.

:: Filter coffee, fresh from our sparkling (albeit very plastic-y) new filter coffee machine. We always had a filter machine in the house when I grew up and french press coffee is not my favourite. Watching Gilmore Girls awakened my need for coffee, so the other day I just had to pop into Argos and got one. Tea, you will always have my heart, but you'll have to make some more room for coffee.

:: An impromptu coffee and cake date with myself, after a busy weekend shift at work. My intention was to pop in for a take-away coffee, but my eye was drawn to the most delicious-looking vegan teacake with maple, pecans and blueberries. Who could possibly say no to that? 

:: New autumn clothes, including a large, very soft scarf and not one, but two, new coats. When you live in Scotland, having a few different coats and jackets to choose from makes life a little bit more fun. 

:: Colder temperatures, chilly winds and an excuse to wear the above-mentioned new clothes. I do love autumn.

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #1


Blackberries in hand

I'm joining in the Wonderful Wednesday gang and morphing my dusty old Happy Posts into something... well, very very similar but also a little bit sparkly and new. Let's get onto it...

:: Friends; friends who make you laugh when you'd rather cry, who are there when things are tough, with wise words, support and encouragement, and who you can be both utterly silly and serious with.

:: Doing what I've been thinking of for several months and dyeing the ends of my hair purple. Sometimes it's okay to be a little bit shallow, and receiving compliments for something so simple like your hair actually does give your confidence a little boost. 

:: A day trip to Edinburgh, including a trek up Arthur's seat to admire the breathtaking view, fuelling up on almond milk mochas and vegan cake, wandering through the most beautiful museum, and then a stop in Linlithgow for a delicious, warming, homemade lentil dahl.

:: Getting back into dancing several times a week, and noticing how much I have improved in a year, but also how much there still is to learn. It's strange to think how important it has become to life in only a year.

:: The start of the new year at university, and forcing my brain into working hard again. It's a little bit dusty and rusty at the moment, but hopefully the exciting modules I'm taking will polish it right up.

:: Blackberries, ripe and juicy, bursting full of sweetness, and scattered along my favourite walking route, just asking to be picked and enjoyed.

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What has made you happy recently?



Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Bridges, Thermal Baths and Blue Skies: Two Days in Bath


After a week in the big city, two days in Bath proved a welcome change of scenery, and a change of pace. We were treated to lovely weather, and enjoyed the last of summer by enjoying everything that Bath had to offer, and I think both my sister and I fell a little bit in love with the beautiful, elegant city.



Royal Crescent, Bath

Pulteney Bridge
Bath Abbey
Topping & Company Booksellers of Bath
Bath appealed to me more than Brighton did, and somehow suited me better. Around every corner there is a bit of history, another place or building to admire - and amidst all of this are charming streets full to the brim of magical book shops,  independent caf├ęs, cute shops and homely pubs. 

Prior Park view of Bath

Palladian Bridge

Palladian Bridge
Prior Park was a highlight of the stay. We began the Saturday with a visit to the beautiful landscape park, designed in the 18th century and situated in the outskirts of the town. It was a scorching day, and so wandering through the lush greenery and enjoying the quiet and calm was wonderfully calming. The Palladian Bridge stood proudly in the midst of the park, asking to be photographed from every angle.

Roman Baths Bath

And of course, we had to visit the Roman Baths. Expensive, crowded and touristy - but fascinating all the same, and most definitely worth a visit. It always fascinates me to see places with so much history, where people walked years and years ago. 

Coffee in Bath

But the best part of Bath wasn't the abbey, the thermal baths or the famous landmarks. What I loved was the relaxed, welcoming atmosphere; the beautiful, calm streets; the chance to just enjoy being in the moment, having a coffee on the side-walk with your favourite person and watching people go by.

Have you ever been to Bath?

Love, Mimmi.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Happy Post #38

Leaves and fence

Heather blooms

Petals on the ground

Flowers in bloom

:: Catch-ups with friends, both in person and over skype, chewing over both the ordinary little everyday things and the deeper, more difficult bits of life. 

:: Treating myself to a new camera lens and re-discovering the joys of photography. Autumn is my favourite season for photography (there's something about that soft, warm light), so I'm looking forward to snapping away over the next few months.

:: An impossibly soft and fluffy donut with the best salted caramel filling; the fudgiest, most chocolatey peanut butter brownie; melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chip cookies. And people think being vegan means missing out...

:: Slow days of doing nothing, recharging batteries and mulling over life. Sleeping until my body wakes up naturally, and not minding if that's a bit later (eight thirty, usually) than I'd normally like.

:: That distinct autumnal scent suddenly making its appearance; a slight chill in the air; leaves starting to go brown, and the promise of scarves, jumpers and dark colours. 

:: The return of The Great British Bake Off, with all its silly puns, ridiculous challenges and intense moments (who knew baking could be so stressful?). Oh, how I had missed it. 

:: Discovering new music, and listening to it over and over, again and again, until you know the songs and their order by heart. 

:: Baking chocolate banana bread, feeling the scent of it spread through the flat, and then eating it together with a cup of tea. Ultimate comfort. 

:: And of course, reading inspiring, brilliant blog posts, like these...

'Puppy Photos!' on Fox Socks.

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P.S. I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing with this little space, so blog posts might be very haphazard in both content and style. I hope you won't mind. 



Friday, 19 August 2016

Seagulls, Sunshine and Sea Breezes: A Daytrip to Brighton

Brighton lanes

Brighton Pier


Brighton beach

Brighton beach

Brighton Beach Walk



I've wanted to visit Brighton for a long time now. Who hasn't seen the picturesque seaside town featured in various blog posts and vlogs? Up until this summer's trip down south, the only place in England that I had properly visited was London, and my sister and I were both keen to see some more of the South. We had quite a few days in London, and decided to fit in a day trip to Brighton. So when the weather predictions showed sunshine and 24 degrees on Sunday, we immediately picked that as the day to head out to the seaside. 

Brighton really lives up to its name - it's bright, fun and cheerful. There are tiny lanes that twist together and create a sort of picturesque, pleasant labyrinth. Pastel flags hang criss-cross above cute little coffee shops, quirky shops and tourist traps. There's the shrieks of seagulls mixed with laughter and chatter of people, and the tunes of the odd street musician.

And then there is the pier and the beach. The pier is perhaps the most well-known spot in Brighton, and it does look spectacular when you approach it, exuding merriment and brightness. Personally though, the arcades, the rides, the noise and the colours, it was all a bit too much. 

I did enjoy the beach walk though, despite it being absolutely crowded and a little bit noisy. It was a warm and sunny day, and it seemed that everyone was out enjoying the sunshine, and so the cheerfulness was contagious. Getting to dip our feet in the water was also a highlight. This summer hasn't provided an opportunity for swimming, but that was as close to it I could get.

We spent our day wandering around, basking in the sunshine, soaking in the many impressions and enjoying the light-hearted, fun-loving atmosphere. Brighton feels like the quintessential summer town, and it's difficult to imagine it in anything other than sunshine (but hey, it's the UK after all, so there must be plenty of rainy days there, too...). 

Have you ever been to Brighton?

Love, Mimmi.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Happy Post #37

Liberty flowers

I haven't sat down to write a happy post since the end of May. How crazy is that? As mentioned, I've had a bad case of blogger's block this whole summer, but I'm finally starting to feel the inspiration seeping back, though slowly, very slowly. There is an itch in my fingers to write, and a desire to feel more connected with the blogging community again. Since these happy posts are among my favourite to write, I felt like it's high time to start writing them again. So, here are the things that have made me happy recently...

Having a fantastic holiday. I was away for ten days, first to London and then to Bath, plus with a day trip to Brighton. It was really wonderful to get away for a bit, to just have fun, explore and relax (although, I walked between 15,000 and 30,000 steps each day, so it wasn't that relaxed...). I'm planning on writing up a few blog posts from my trip over the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for that!

Meeting up with blogger friends. I met up with Cherie on my first evening in London for Japanese, and then with Katy and Jasmin the next evening for food at Wahaca and then drinks in a really cool hidden cocktail bar. Meeting bloggers in real life is so much fun, and all three of them were just as lovely in person as they are online.

Sister time. The week before I left for London, my eldest sister Elinore came over to visit. We hadn't seen each other since last April, so it was so nice to get the chance to catch up over a few days. And then of course, my other sister Matilda joined me in London, and getting to spend over a week in her company was wonderful (despite a couple of instances of sisterly bickering, as is expected). Sisters are the best, no doubt.

Cursed Child. Last Wednesday, Matilda and I saw both parts of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at the theatre. We had both avoided spoilers and hadn't read the script before, and getting to experience it all there and then was just magical. I do think that some parts of the plot are a bit questionable, but overall I absolutely love it, and it was just incredibly well done on the stage. And how charming isn't Scorpius? On top of that, we got to see Helena Bonham Carter, Bonnie Wright and Michael Gambon! Michael Gambon even walked into me on the way out... Eeek. 

Getting some sunshine. Scottish summers really aren't very sunny, or very warm, but we were lucky with the weather when we were down south, so I could enjoy some very much needed sunshine. The days we spent in Brighton and Bath were especially sunny and warm! 

Being back in Glasgow. Despite having a wonderful time away, getting back home on Sunday evening felt really good. There's no place like home, after all, and Glasgow really does feel like home nowadays. 

Downtime. July was really quite busy (as was the first week of August), what with moving, working a lot of hours, having my sister over, and then going down to London. Now that I'm back though, things have quietened down a bit, and I finally have some time to recharge my batteries in time for the new term to start next month.

Finally, here are five blog posts I've enjoyed recently:

'What I Really Learned at University' on The Salty Sea Blog.

'A Spontaneous Wild Swim' on The Peppermint Pencil.

What has made you happy recently?


Wednesday, 27 July 2016

A Trip up to the Scottish Highlands

Scottish Highlands

So it seems that I'm still having a mild case of bloggers' block, but I can most definitely feel the inspiration coming back. The main reason I haven't blogged is really because I've been so busy. Over the last couple of weeks I've been working almost 30 hours a week (I know it's not even full time, but...), and then I had my sister over for a week at the same time. I'm determined to not make blogging a chore though, so I'll be blogging whenever I have time and feel like it.

Today is the first day off with no plans that I've had in quite a while, and tomorrow I'm heading down to London. I've got two days to myself in London first, and I've got plans to meet a few London-based bloggers while I'm there, which I'm very much looking forward to! My sister (not the same who was visiting the other week) is joining me on Saturday morning, and then we've got over a week of fun together! We're going to the Harry Potter studio tour again on Monday, and then we're seeing The Cursed Child on Wednesday. I am SO excited! We're also planning a day trip to Brighton, and on the Friday we'll be off to Bath for a couple of nights, before I head back to Glasgow on Sunday the 7th. It'll be quite a long holiday, and I'm mildly concerned about how much I'll be spending, but I'm 100% sure it'll be worth it. I'll be sure to pop up some posts on the blog about it once I'm back!

In the meantime, I thought I'd share a few photos from about a month ago, when my mum and I went on a bus tour up into the Highlands. I dusted off my camera for the first time in weeks and weeks, and brought it with me on the trip. 

Scottish Highlands

Scottish Highlands

Inveraray Castle

Inveraray Town

Highland Cows



Glen Coe

Scottish Highlands
It was my mum and I along with about ten other tourists in a little mini bus, driven by an overly Scottish tour guide. He was definitely putting it on a bit to please the tourists, and while he was reasonably funny it got a bit old after a while! All in all it was a really good tour though. We visited Inveraray (you Downton fans might be able to recognise Inveraray Castle as Duneagle Castle), Oban, Glen Coe and a few other places along the way. Everywhere was breathtakingly beautiful, and both Oban and Inveraray were lovely little towns. Although I'd prefer exploring the Highlands on my own, going on a guided bus tour is a really good idea if you can't drive, or if you want a nice overview of the Highlands without any effort.

Have you ever been on a guided bus tour of any sort?

Love, Mimmi.