Sunday, 31 January 2016

Veganuary in Review

The Mae Deli brownies and smoothies

Today is the last day of Veganuary, and I can't quite believe it's gone by so quickly. The verdict? It's easier than one would think, but it's still difficult at times. It's gone relatively well, however, and I feel like it gets easier with every day.

Eating at home has been incredibly easy. I already made quite a lot of vegan meals and just had to make a few adjustment, like getting vegan pesto and vegan vegetable stock. And of course, I cut out the small amount of cheese I was eating before. Watching out for hidden ingredients was a bit daunting at first, but I've become more and more used to scrutinising ingredient lists when grocery shopping.

I've also become much better at avoiding chocolate, cake and the likes. Somehow it's so much easier to say no when it's for ethical reasons! And I know that there are still vegan cakes and chocolate out there, if I really want them, so it's a win-win situation. Plus, I honestly find vegan treats more delicious most of the time. I had the most delicious raw and vegan chocolate brownie at The Mae Deli in London last week, for example (as pictured above). 

Eating out has gone okay. It's been surprisingly easy to just tweak dishes a little and make them vegan - like asking them to leave the cheese off the pizza. Internet has also been a blessing, as it's so easy to find out how to eat vegan at restaurants, especially bigger chains. London went really smoothly for the most part, except for once when I tried and failed to find a vegan sandwich in M&S and thus made an exception and picked the one with the least dairy in it, hah. I also made an exception when we were at the WB Studio Tour, since I really wanted to try butterbeer. As for the food, I had the falafel burger and asked them to leave the cheese off, but I think there was still some kind of mayo/cream cheese in there. Ah well.

So, the big question - will I continue with veganism after January? Yes. I've realised that it's not too complicated, and it's completely worth it that it sometimes is a wee bit tricky. I've also realised that I definitely won't miss anything, and I no longer see a reason to eat dairy. I will, however, be more lenient when eating out since I've realised that it's impossible to always find something that's 100% vegan-friendly. I might also make exceptions in certain situations, like when going over to someone's place for dinner. Like I said in my last post, it's the over-all effort that counts, and the occasional exception or mistake is not a massive deal.

My goals for the rest of the year are to try out more vegan meals and be more adventurous with my cooking, instead of just sticking to my favourites. I recently got Deliciously Ella's new book, which is full of amazing recipes, so I'm excited to try some of those out. Plus Pinterest is a great source of inspiration! I also want to try out more vegan baking, because that's something I haven't done much of at all!

If you've participated in Veganuary, how did it go for you?

Love, Mimmi