Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Happy Post #32

It's been almost a month since I last wrote a happy post, which is just shameful! I was swept up in a flurry of lectures, assignments, an increased amount of shifts at my job, and lots of dance teaching training responsibilities. I do wish I had more time to just chill and do nothing, but at the same time I like being busy, and I know the Easter holidays are just around the corner. And meanwhile, here are some things that have made me happy recently...

Dinner dates. And by dates I mean friend dates, not the other kind. I've managed to squeeze in a couple of dinners with good friends over the last couple of weeks, as well as a really nice dinner with my sis. It's probably my favourite way to socialise - just chatting away over some nice food. 

Signs of spring. Okay, so, the rain has returned in full force, but the last week has offered some signs that spring is on its way. Not only is it light for much longer, but snow drops and daffodils have started appearing. We also had a few beautiful, sunny days last week, and I swear I could smell spring in the air! As much as I love winter, I always find myself longing for spring this time of the year...

Getting good grades on last semester's courses. I put in a lot of hard work last semester to get the grades I wanted, and luckily it payed off! I managed to get As in all of my courses, and I'm so so happy. Just hoping I'll manage to get okay grades this semester as well. So far everything feels more difficult, so we'll see...

Meeting Deliciously Ella. A couple of weeks ago, Ella Woodward held a book signing here in Glasgow for her new book, so of course I had to go! She was absolutely lovely in person, and I'm so happy with her new book. I actually think I prefer it to her first one!

Getting a tattoo. Almost two weeks ago I got my first ever tattoo - the Deathly Hallows on the back of my neck. I know some people might wonder at my decision, but I'm so happy with it. The tattoo artist was super lovely and the whole procedure wasn't painful at all! 

Nakd bars. I've loved Nakd bars for a long time, but I've been more obsessed with them lately than usual. I ordered some of their bars with a 20% discount and it's been fantastic just having a big box full of them. I tend to always carry one in my bag in case I get hungry when I'm out and about (which happens quite a lot). 

Oranges. Normally I always go for clementines, but recently I've reached for the oranges again and again when in Tesco. They are a bit messy to eat, but they're so juicy and delicious! I'll be sad when  the citrus season is over...

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What has made you happy recently?

Love, Mimmi.