Sunday, 17 April 2016

Happy Post #34

We're already halfway through April, and I'm thoroughly enjoying the arrival of Spring. Sure, Glasgow is generally really rather rainy, but the temperatures are rising, the days are lighter, trees are starting to bloom, and the sun is actually showing itself more and more. I'm also feeling refreshed and revitalised after my two week Easter break at home. Spring is a lovely season, isn't it?

Anyhow, here's what's made me happy recently....

Family time. The worst thing about living abroad is being so far away from your family. Getting to spend some quality time with them when I was home was truly needed. I don't normally get homesick much, but when I got back home I realised how much I had missed them all. Thankfully mum is coming to visit in June, and dad might come in July, and then I'm seeing my sister in August! 

Dog cuddles. I had plenty of time for walks and cuddles with my little Nisse when I was home, which was really wonderful. He makes me instantly happier - there is really something special about dogs.

Early mornings. I've always been a lover of morning time, but over Winter I was rarely up earlier than 7.30. When I was home in Sweden, my dog woke me up around seven every day, and my body seems to have got into a really good rhythm. Scotland is one hour behind Sweden, so ever since I got back I've been waking up at six, without an alarm, feeling all refreshed and full of energy. Here's hoping I'll be able to keep it up..!

Exercising. I've really not had time for any exercising at all since September, since I was so busy with everything else. Thankfully I've had dancing to keep me moving a bit, but for a long time now I've felt like I want to get a bit stronger. So earlier this week I bought a yoga mat and started doing some yoga (though because of my scoliosis I can only do certain poses), and I've also joined the gym! I've only been twice so far, but so far so good. I'll never be a gym junkie, but I do like the feeling afterwards, and I'm excited to build up some strength.

New spring clothes. Oh, how materialistic of me. I haven't bought an awful lot, because that's just not my thing, but I have acquired a few new bits and pieces. I got a couple of skirts here in Glasgow before I went home, and then in Stockholm I bought a few basic (but lovely) tops. As much as I love wearing jeans and jumpers, it does get a bit old and boring after a few months, and at the moment I'm looking forward to warmer weather and Spring clothes. 

My new wooden bowl. I love wooden things and have been wanting a wooden bowl for ages. A few days ago I went on a hunt and found a lovely one in John Lewis. For some reason it makes every meal just a little bit more enjoyable. 

Having more free time. Lectures are finished and my hours at work have been reduced, so I've got more free time at the moment than I've had in ages. Sure, I have revision to do and exams looming over me, but it's still pretty wonderful to feel like I have time to read more, blog more and just chill out.

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What has made you happy recently?

Love, Mimmi