Monday, 4 April 2016

Sweden So Far

It's already the last week of my stay here in Sweden. I'm loving being home for a while and time has really flown by so far! I haven't had as much time just doing nothing as I thought I would have, but to be fair the balance has probably been quite good. The weekend that I arrived I mostly spent time with my family, and I really didn't document anything as I just enjoyed being in the present. On the first evening - which was Friday - my sister and I had waffles for dinner with mum and her man, after I had been picked up at the airport by my grandparents. Easter isn't a big deal in my family, but on Saturday we went to the grandparents for a casual Easter dinner. The following day, my sister and I went to my dad and his fiancée, and I made vegan sweet potato and bean burgers with potato wedges and guacamole for dinner, which was happily a success!

Monday was a quiet affair - my sister, our mum and I went to the nearby town Västerås for a couple of hours, where we wandered around and had lunch (or a bagel with jam, in my case). Then Tuesday came around and people went back to work, while I spent quality time with this little one. Nisse turned seven last week, which I really can't believe. It seems like just yesterday that we brought him home as a teeny tiny pup! He's a real weirdo, but also the sweetest dog you'll ever meet. 

I've enjoyed being so close to the forest, and I've gone on quite a few long walks with Nisse, which we both absolutely love. Few things make me feel as content as wandering through the forest (regardless of season!), breathing in the fresh air, with a little fur ball for company. 

Last Wednesday, after being treated to lunch at the grandparents', I took the bus to Uppsala to meet up with two old friends from high school for a fika. We hadn't seen each other for almost two years, so it was lovely to catch up! I also had a wander through Uppsala, and found an abundance of crocuses. I wish I'd had more time in Uppsala, as it's one of my favourite towns. It has featured on the blog before, when I visited it with my mum a little over a year ago and it was all white and frosty.

All of last week the weather was lovely - sunny and spring-like, although a bit chilly in the mornings. One such sunny day I really fancied some ice cream, and since I knew that there was a new vegan ice cream cone made from rice milk on the market, I walked past the local supermarket and picked one up. It was so good. 

Speaking of vegan food - this Sunday I went to the Swedish burger chain Max with my dad and sister, and tried their vegan BBQ burger made from 'Oumph' - a kind of soy protein. I very rarely eat meat substitutes, but I actually really enjoyed this one! Even though small towns here in Sweden aren't very vegan-friendly, there are quite a lot of products on the market and the chains seem to be catching on.

As you can tell, I've spent my days either at home (alternating sofa-time with dog-walk time) or being sociable with family. And of course, when you live abroad it's essential to squeeze in some catch-up time with friends. Two of my best friends are out of the country, but as mentioned I met two of my high school friends last Wednesday. Also, on Saturday, my sister and I first met up with a family friend for fika in the afternoon, and then went to one of my sister's friends for dinner, which was lovely. 

Tomorrow I'm heading off to Stockholm to see my friend Alice for a couple of days. I'm so looking forward to catching up with her, and I'm very excited about exploring all of Stockholm's vegan-friendly places! 

What have you been up to lately? How was your Easter?

Love, Mimmi.