Thursday, 28 April 2016

Taking Stock: April

Muted Mornings Taking Stock April - anemones

My life is fairly uninteresting at the moment and basically consists of me sitting around revising. Sure, I've been doing other things - like working away in the shop, going to the gym and taking care of my dance teacher duties, but revision is my main occupation. I've got my second exam today (this is a sneaky scheduled post hehe) and then my final one in two weeks, and then I'll be free. Meanwhile, here is what April has largely looked like...

Reading: Lots of notes, books and articles for revision purposes, but before going to bed I've been reading 'I Capture the Castle' by Dodie Smith, which is just lovely.

Watching: Youtube videos, mainly vegan What I Eat In a Day videos (I'm obsessed). And Game of Thrones, obviously!

Buying: Food, as always. Plus new glasses and a couple of new cookbooks. Other than that I'm trying to be good because I spent too much when I was in Sweden...

Listening: To classical music when revising (I don't know why, but it works really well), Taylor Swift's 1989 album when at the gym (if anyone has suggestions for good work-out music, please share!) and otherwise Frightened Rabbit's new album.

Feeling: A weird mix of exam stress and general contentedness plus excitement that spring is here.

Planning: What to eat for dinner during the week. I'm really into meal planning at the moment!

Wishing: For a nice, warm and sunny summer. Come on, Scotland!

Enjoying: The longer, brighter days. Waking up early. The promise of spring.

Eating: Smoothie bowls, buddha bowls and lots of avocado on rye bread.

Hoping: That I'll do well in my exams. Cross your fingers for me, please! 

Thinking: Of what-ifs and the future. 

Lacking: Time and motivation to revise for English Literature. 

Trying: To get stronger! I'm actually rather enjoying going to the gym. I know, who have I become?

Drinking: Lemon water, green tea and matcha lattes.

Wanting: More books, a pair of Superga flats, the Naked Basics palette, a beautiful summer.

Cooking: Lots of courgetti, sweet potato in every form, and various buddha bowls. All the vegetables, basically!

Deciding: What to eat next... 

Wearing: Jammies when I'm at home (always), my work uniform when I'm at work, but otherwise shirts and jeans or striped t-shirts and button-up skirts.

Needing: A break from revision.

What has your April looked like?

Love, Mimmi.